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Unicornate uterus

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SarahFx Wed 06-Nov-13 21:04:10

Hi everyone, we've been ttc our second child for over two years now. Seems like our little boy was a miracle. Not so easy this time and after a laparoscopy I've been diagnosed with a unicornate uterus which is basically half a uterus and my only tube is patent but twisted. Also have a kidney, ovary, Fallopian tube and adrenal gland missing. What a freak!

The doctor was surprised my first pregnancy five years ago went smoothly but I had no problems whatsoever until the birth at full term which went wrong due to the undisguised UU which meant he was never going to come out naturally.

Anyway, we are starting IVF after Xmas and he strongly advised us only to replace one embryo if we get that far. He said we had less of a chance of pregnancy this way but more likely that the pregnancy would be safer due to the UU.

I agreed with him at the time but now I've thought about it, doing it that way seriously reduces our chance of a pregnancy. We are self funding and only really have the funds for one go without taking funds away from things meant for our son. Although we may try two frozen cycles as they are cheaper if we are lucky enough to get any frosties.

Also, I carried my son to full term with no complications or extra monitoring so don't see why I would now be high risk?

Do you get counselling beforehand ?because it would be helpful to talk to someone about this who isn't just trying to meet a target for single births although I know he is just concerned for my safety.

eurochick Thu 07-Nov-13 13:39:39

There is a big drive to transfer only one embryo generally - it's safer for the mother and baby (although some clinics ignore this). Putting more than one back only increases the chance of success by about 10% so actually, if the embryos are good enough to freeze, you actually give yourself the best chance overall by putting back one at a time (the success estimates depend on age but are mostly around the 30% mark). So putting each one back separately gives 30% each time, putting an extra one back only increases the chance by about 10%.

Also, I've seen a very close friend go through a very tricky twin pregnancy (from a SET funnily enough, but the embryo split to form idenitcal twins). Her boys are doing well now, but she had a really hard pregnancy and a lot of worry (waters went at 31 weeks and she was bluelighted a 100 miles away from home as that was the nearest place with 2 NICU beds free) and they boys were prem and the early days were worrying. For me, that has confirmed my decision to avoid a twin pregnancy if possible (although there's nothing you can do to avoid identicals).

SarahFx Thu 07-Nov-13 21:33:17

Thanks for the reply. My mam has virtually been in tears when I talked about risking two embryos so I'm not going ahead with transferring two if I'm lucky enough to get there.

She said if I got preg with twins it would be like a normal woman carrying quads which is true.

Aliwithtwins Thu 07-Nov-13 21:45:40

Hi, I have a bicornate uterus, and after recurrent miscarriages became pregnant with twins. There was lots of different (sometimes contradictory) information fed to us by different consultants/ midwives but I managed to stay pregnant until almost 37 weeks, by which point I was ENORMOUS. I was amazed that my extremely heart shaped uterus could stretch that far!
Good luck and hope all goes well

SarahFx Thu 07-Nov-13 21:54:16

Was that with twins Aliwithtwins? Did you get extra monitoring and scans? Glad you managed to get nearly to term with your pregnancy.

Aliwithtwins Thu 07-Nov-13 22:03:30

I was constantly monitored! By the last 3 months I had weekly scans with the radiographer and whenever one of the twins was a bit less wiggly went up for a half hour scan with the midwife to watch what they were up to. I also have a clotting issues (which caused the miscarriages) and was on daily heparin injections, and lots of bleeds during the pregnancy, but couldn't have been more supported by the hospital team, especially towards the end.

SarahFx Thu 07-Nov-13 22:14:17

Glad it turned out well for you. Hope I can be as lucky!

SarahFx Thu 07-Nov-13 23:05:13

Did you have IVF?

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