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Any 'older' ladies had success with Clomid ?

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erilou38 Wed 06-Nov-13 16:56:52

I'm 38 and have been trying to conceive for 15 long, miserable months. My most recent day 3 FSH level was 11.2 which the nurse at the NHS infertilty clinic said was 'reasonable'. If my FSH goes above 15 then i can't have fertility drugs. My next clinic appointment is at the end of November, when i hope to be prescribed Clomid. Clomid is my only hope as i would not be entitled to IVF as i already have children, even though my husband has none of his own. Have any of you in your late 30s, early 40s had a successful outcome with Clomid and was your FSH a similar level to mine ? It's been confirmed that i'm not ovulating.

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