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Could this really be my lucky month ?!!

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erilou38 Fri 01-Nov-13 19:36:28

So been trying to conceive for 15 months and no luck as yet. I'm 38. My most recent FSH was 11.2 which the nurse at the infertilty clinic said was 'reasonable'. She said there is no reason why i couldn't get pregnant with that FSH level. In recent months i have been found to not be ovulating, my periods have been irregular for around 18 months. My last period though came exactly 28 days from the one before. A textbook cycle i would say. I always used to have a bang-on 28 day cycle. Anyway, i am currently getting over a particularly nasty stomach bug, it has completely floored me. Been ill for a week and a half. The strange thing is i still feel sick and certain smells are making me nauseous and i do feel extra tired. If, by some miracle, i did ovulate this cycle it would have happened around last weekend. Hads plenty of sex!! If, and again by some miracle, i did conceive would i be getting pregnancy symptoms as soon as this ? I know i did early on with my last baby, although that was 7 years ago. Oh, how i would love to be pregnant!! Been told by my doctor that i might be perimenopausal and that if i was the chance of pregnancy would be remote. Just thought i'd post and share. I'm so so so hoping to see those 2 beautiful lines just once more in my life!!

BigPawsBrown Sat 02-Nov-13 00:39:23

Fingers crossed!

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