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Fertility clinic recommendations Berkshire/Oxfordshire

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Wobblealong Sat 26-Oct-13 08:06:02

Hi All,
My husband and I have been TTC for the last 16 months. We have had investigations from our GP, though not convinced our GP is knowledgable in this area at all. My husband had a low sperm concentration flagged up on his sperm analysis, which we are going to repeat. We are now requesting onward referral to a fertility specialist. Can anyone recommend where to go (inc private) as we are feeling a little lost. We live in the Reading area.
Thanks for your help.

ilikecooking Sun 27-Oct-13 16:52:59

Institute of Reproductive Science is based in Oxfordshire (used to be Level 4 Women's Centre at the JR Hospital) and now has satellite services in Reading.

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