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Age 42 and Low Amh of 1.2

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Esore Sat 05-Oct-13 17:47:51

Hi I'm a first timer on Mumsnet so here goes - fell pregnant 5 years ago age 37 had DD1 with C section (no massive complications just very overdue) Been trying to conceive for 3 years now and now age 42 and no joy. Recently diagnosed with endometrosis Had operation to remove and also lost a tube at the same time. I have low AMH of 1.26 and FSH of 13.1. Been considering IVF but costs are high with not much guarantee - even considered donor eggs but still not sure.......? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks

ringo65 Sat 05-Oct-13 20:07:42

I feel for you Esore.. I'm 39 never been pregnant ttc for ages...finally went to GP.. Zillions of tests later I was referred to Care...finally was told my egg reserve pretty non existent and a dodgy tube with less than 1% chance of getting pregnant.
We have been lucky to get NHS funding for donor eggs which was a massive hurdle for me to get over, DH had no problems with it. It's a lot to deal with to find out there is no possibility naturally and then being faced with an opportunity using donor eggs but knowing that any child that may come will genetically not be me. I had some very dark weeks.
Care advised me that it would be a waste of time then treating me with IVF by stimulating my follies as based on my results 0.7pmol. So donor eggs was really the only option.

We chatted to the consultant at care who was really good and I finally came to terms with the situation and no longer think that way.

Care found us a match very quickly which is what they advertise, the donor is anonymous but she has done is amazing and we will be forever grateful for being given this opportunity.
I had my transfer last Friday and I do my test next Sunday and we are praying that we get a BFP, if not we will pick ourselves up and try again as they were able to freeze 2 embryos.

Lucky for me Care worked quickly so that I could still come under the NHS funding I.e. under 40. If this does not work we will have to pay as I am 40 in 3 weeks.
The clinic have told me that they are lobbying to get funding up to age 42 but its a slow process and isn't going to help us.

I have probably not been much help but maybe sharing my situation may give you cause for thought.

I wish you every success with whatever you decide, will be thinking of you x

Shroomboom Tue 08-Oct-13 20:56:31

Hi Esore,

I'm 37, and was told a couple of years ago that my AMH level was 0.2. (My FSH a year ago was 11.1 and rising). We were devastated and thought our only hope was to go down the donor egg route. However, we decided to give IVF a try with our own eggs before this. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant after our fourth round of IVF smile. It was our hospital that convinced us to keep trying, they wouldn't consider using donor eggs until we'd given it a really good shot. But, and this is a big but, we live in Belgium and despite already having a ds our IVF was mostly funded. If we lived in the UK we would not have been able to do this as we couldn't have afforded it!

It's a really difficult situation for you, but I just wanted you to know that there is hope, even with low AMH. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.

EeyoreIsh Tue 08-Oct-13 21:04:19

Hi esore. I've endometriosis and a similarly low amh. I was due to start ivf but miraculously got pregnant naturally the very cycle I was due to start ivf, so there is hope!

my fertility consultant recommended full on ivf drugs, with a short cycle, which would be expensive if you're paying for it yourself. However, I did lots of research and if nhs ivf didn't work we were going to go for 'natural' ivf, where the drugs used are much lower. Apparently this can have a good result for low amh.

Good luck.

ilikecooking Wed 09-Oct-13 18:05:47

Hi Esore,

I have an AMH of just 0.57. Our 1st attempt at IVF using 375 Gonal F (the highest dosage of stimulating drug my clinic would allow) produced one viable egg & one poor egg. The clinic fertilised both as they knew my chances of future egg production wouldn't be any better.

The one good egg did fertilise & got to a 6 cell embie & we had a 2 day transfer. Sadly it didn't survive.

Our second attempt at IVF was cancelled at a financial loss of drug costs & deposit equalling £2500. I produced no viable follicles giving an indication that there were no eggs.

We are now going overseas in a matter of weeks at a cost £9k to use donor eggs.

I would advise you that it only takes one good egg...however, please proceed with caution as it can be very mentally tiring.

Wishing you well.

Esore Sat 12-Oct-13 21:22:22

Thank you for all your comments and wish everyone luck for the future - maybe it is brighter than first anticipated!

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