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Undescended testicle in adult

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Choccy84 Fri 04-Oct-13 18:42:48

My boyfriend and I are both 29 and been together for a year and a half. When we first got together he told me he had an undescended testicle and had never had it treated. He finally had the operation to bring it down earlier this year. His other testicle is normal but a little small.

Obviously the testicle that was undescended is unlikely to have any sperm activity. But he has another testicle. This means that even if the other one is perfect he has 50% less sperm.

I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced this and if they found it hard to conceive. We're not looking at starting a family for 2-3 years yet but if it's likely to be a problem should we start earlier? Thank you.

NanaNina Fri 04-Oct-13 19:42:57

My son had undescended testicles, diagnosed at a school medical when he was 11. He had the op soon after and the Drs told me if he hadn't had the op before puberty he would be unable to have children. However he and his wife were trying to conceive for 2 years without success and they were investigated at a Fertility Clinic. It turned out that the undescended testicles were the problem, as antibodies had attached to the sperm whilst they were undescended, which meant that he had a low sperm count and they didn't swim properly as they were "clumped" together. They had ICIS IVF (when they inject the sperm directly into the egg) and this was successful and they got a lovely baby.

SO I would advise that you don't delay eve though you are only 29.

Choccy84 Fri 04-Oct-13 20:40:38

Thank you so much for your reply NanaNina. This is what I think may happen with with us so I'm thinking we should start sooner than later.

Congrats to your son on the successful IVF :-)

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