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intermittent bleeding after IUI

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rainbowbreeze Sun 29-Sep-13 14:13:28

I am currently in the 2ww following IUI transfer on Thurs 12th Sept.. I had some bleeding after the procedure until the following day. Then I had some bleeding the Tues/Weds the week after, a couple of days of nothing and at the moment im having some bleeding everyday but not constant like AF

Has anyone experienced intermittent bleeding like this ? its been too early for AF but not sure what else it could be ? This is my first cycle of IUI..

sharond101 Sun 29-Sep-13 22:15:51

If transfer was on the 12th then you are beyond the 2ww. Have you been given a date to do a test? I was told to do a test 15 days after transfer if no AF. My first cycle was successful and it was positive. On day 16 I had some light bleeding but all was well and DS is 16mo now.

sharond101 Mon 30-Sep-13 22:00:50

How are you rainbowbreeze??

rainbowbreeze Wed 02-Oct-13 10:50:35

Sorry yes I got my date wrong it was done on the 19th.. heads all over the place sad

My bleeding got more constant so seems to be AF - rang the hospital to let them know yday and theyve said because ive bled pretty much constantly since the procedure theyre going to double the pessaries next time. If its the same then we'll have to move onto IVF, I wont get my 3rd go at IUI.. was pretty gutted hearing that shock

Worried ive got a short leutal phase but the progesterone pessaries should have helped with that..

sharond101 Wed 02-Oct-13 21:44:01

I am sorry rainbowbreeze. It's such a turbulent journey and noone really understands how emotionally draining it is until they have gone through it. There is still lots of hope though, never give inx

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