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Ongoing pain following HyCoSy... Normal?

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NeevaS Sun 29-Sep-13 14:03:26


I'm looking for some advice/reassurance,

I had a HyCoSy over 48hrs ago and am still suffering from lower abdominal pain and spotting. I've read that it effects everyone in different ways but I haven't seen anything where the discomfort has continued on?

I had an HSG a couple of months prior and was able to head back to work without a problem.

The HyCoSy seemed far more painful, so I'm starting to feel concerned that the pain is not going away.

Any advice would be welcome.


moggle Tue 01-Oct-13 11:17:51

I would definitely call your doctor, hopefully you already have or you're feeling better now. Probably it's fine but I know there's a small chance of infection any time something goes into the body like that. Better to be safe than sorry. When I had mine it hurt like buggery (well probably that's a bad simile... ) but by the time we'd driven home I was feeling much better. Still took the rest of the day off though!

NeevaS Tue 01-Oct-13 16:29:17

Hi Moggle - thx for the reply.
I went to my GP & they gave me some stronger pain killers for now. They don't think it's an infection which is a relief!

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