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Feeling Sick day after transfer

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ringo65 Sat 28-Sep-13 12:54:42


I am taking Climaval and progesterone pessaries along with folic acid.

Yesterday I had 2 embies transferred this was day 2 from egg collection from egg donor, they were a 4 & 6 split of very good quality..the rest (4) are still in lab hoping to get to blastocyst, clinic think its only a small chance though based on quality and fragments.

Anyway, I have a bloating sore tummy type feeling which I understand is normal, but I am feeling sick all the time I've not been sick its just that feeling, is it the drugs I am on, is it normal as its quite early after the transfer, I did the weekly shop earlier, I was careful and only half filled the bags..have I done too much cause I've been putting washing out too but being careful with what I am lifting.

Has anyone else had symptoms this early on.. thank you xx

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