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Can you ovulate without seeing any egg-white cervical mucus ?

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erilou38 Fri 27-Sep-13 23:44:22

I always used to know when i was ovulating as i used to get lots of egg-white cervical mucus for about 5 days each cycle and always conceived in first month of trying. Iv'e been trying now for 14 months without success, i'm 38. I'm under an NHS infertility clinic and it's been established that i'm not ovulating. Iv'e been having irregular periods for 18 months. My last period was 12 days ago, although i just did one cycle of HRT, as my GP thought i might be perimenopausal. I had hoped the HRT might sort my hormones out. I guess the 'period' i had may have been a withdrawl bleed from the HRT. Even so, i am feeling a little bit hopeful. 12 days since last period and today i had a slight discharge when i went to the loo. It wasn't egg-white and super-stretchy but it was clear mixed with yellowy cloudy stuff, (sorry too much info!) There wasn't much and i haven't had anymore the rest of the day. Been doing ovulation tests since Monday, they had been negative up until today when the line was a stronger colour, although not quite a positive i don't think. Clearblue by the way. Anyway i'm wondering if maybe i have ovulated ? Or going to ovulate ? I will test again tomorrow and see if the line has got stronger. One more thing, a bit embarrasing - just after i saw the discharge today me and my husband had sex. I was feeling quite frisky lol so was wondering if the mucus could of been just vaginal sexual lubricant a nd not ovulation discharge. We also did the deed yesterday so it also could have been ejaculate. I just don't know and i'm getting so obsessed with all of this!! I desperately want a baby and just keep hoping that my body is working again and i'm ovulating. Any advice ladies ? Thanks x

erilou38 Fri 27-Sep-13 23:47:15

I stopped the HRT last week by the way.

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