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Help :( ;( :(

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JustWant1 Fri 20-Sep-13 10:24:24

I have already been referred for help. My consultant wants to to a laparoscopy to remove a fibroid before embarking on treatment. The gp also showed me letters from the consultant which showed I had pcos - I said well that's nice of them to let me know!! Does this mean the ovulation sticks were wrong? Should I just wait for treatment now?

JustWant1 Fri 20-Sep-13 10:20:49

He's been tested and he's all good. Doctor didn't give me anything for my migraines and suggested waiting a week n testing again. I just felt like I was getting somewhere with regular periods at least I was normal - now I'm just back to square 1!

fackinell Fri 20-Sep-13 09:38:04

Sorry, I meant a referral to test you both.

fackinell Fri 20-Sep-13 09:36:55

Well that's typical, Just sad
I would ask to see another GP (if she's useless) and get a referral. FX for you.

ErrolTheDragon Fri 20-Sep-13 09:10:30

Sort of obvious but has your DH/DP been tested too?

JustWant1 Fri 20-Sep-13 09:06:25

Tried again today and still negative.. Went to the doctor because I've been getting terrible migraines n she was quite unhelpful and would u believe had a big bump herself!

fackinell Fri 20-Sep-13 00:03:56

Well you've definitely ovulated! Maybe you are pg and your HCG levels are just too low to show just now. Try again in a few days and good luck!! grin

JustWant1 Thu 19-Sep-13 23:52:42

Thanks for ur response ;( still no af sad

Ebright123 Thu 19-Sep-13 23:24:03

Hey, this must be a hard time for you :-( stay strong sometimes if just takes time. You need to relax and try not to think about having sex to get preg but for the enjoyment. My friend and her husband had no problems but could not conceive, they tried for 2 years and in the end did ivf which worked. The body is a weird and mysterious thing and usually does what it wants without consulting us first! Good luck x

JustWant1 Wed 18-Sep-13 22:16:37

Can someone help?
I don't know what to do.. Ttc for 2 years.
Found out I had underactive thyroid which was causing irregular periods. Started taking levothyroxine and had regular periods.. Every 33 days without question. Tried ovulation sticks this cycle and got flashing and solid smileys. Did the deed every 2 days to catch ovulation. Was due on my period yesterday... No show... Did a hpt as I was too eager.. BFN of course.. 2 days late today still no sigh of AF but no preg signs either. Can anyone suggest anything? I have had HSG done which showed both tubes clear, ultrasound to check for cysts and there were none only a fibroid which I was told wouldn't cause issue with conceiving but is being removed via a laparoscopy in November. I just want a BFP.

Any advice welcome

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