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Clomid & thin uterine lining?

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j200 Sun 15-Sep-13 19:45:43

I have PCOS and when I was diagnosed by a scan, he said i also had a very thin lining. Have my first gynae appt Thursday and hoping to get prescribed Clomid but am worried even if works and makes me ovulate I will miscarry due to my lining as read Clomid makes it even thinner. Any advice or has anyone been in the same situation? I am really scared about starting this journey and just want it to work asap!! xx

Shellster52 Mon 16-Sep-13 03:46:55

Hi J200

I have taken Clomid before although I do not have PCOS so I cannot say that I am in the same situation as you. But I noticed that no one else has commented and I definitely know the feeling of wanting this journey to work ASAP and it would be horrible feeling alone so I wanted to answer you.

My understanding with PCOS is that you do not necessarily ovulate and I take it this is the case with you if you are hoping to get prescribed Clomid. Normally the uterine lining thickens in response to the estrogen being produced from the growing follicle so if that is not happening in your case, then it makes sense that your lining is thin.

I know of another girl with PCOS and she was prescribed something other than Clomid (would have to ask her exactly what she took). She then had to have timed intercourse and it worked.

If it is any reassurance to you, after me having been on this journey for two years, if I could choose any condition that was to stop me getting pregnant and in need of medical assistance, it would be PCOS! Because women with PCOS don't ovulate every month, they have a larger supply of eggs in their ovaries than the average woman. Here is a link with photos that show this if it is any reassurance to you:

I am 36 and have low AMH levels (and hence a low egg reserve) and that is the one thing they can do nothing to change. You have lots of eggs in there so it will definitely work for you - just a matter of finding the right treatment for you smile

jaffajiffy Mon 16-Sep-13 03:52:51

Hi there. Another one not with pcos here but I did a clomid style drug and I had a thin lining. You could ask your gynae about medication for it. I took progynova which seemed to work.

Good luck!

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