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Assisted conception after recurrent miscarriage part 5

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Mel3062 Sat 14-Sep-13 19:37:59

Hope this is right ladies ...

Buzzybee123 Sun 15-Sep-13 20:45:51

mel congrats on your BFP smile

sue glad things are moving in the right direction smile

Arianrhod Sun 15-Sep-13 21:16:35

It's a pretty powerful antioxidant duggs - found especially in red wine. Helps to lower both TNFa and NK cells, apparently. I've been taking it for about 2 years now.

Great news on the test sue!

suemays Mon 16-Sep-13 00:09:09

mel you might be able to use healthcare at home to see if they can do a home visit if you get the prescription.

I always tend to drink red wine rather than white when I am TTC as have heard about restervol helping to conceive. Also red fruit such as grapes are good. If the red wine in turkey had been good that's what I would have been drinking rather than vodka! There were studies in Sweden where women who were drinking red wine conceived more than those who didnt. Not sure how many but maybe they were just getting drunk and getting laid?!

suemays Mon 16-Sep-13 00:15:20

duggs1976 Mon 16-Sep-13 06:40:30

Great I love red wine.!any one know if or when you can ovulate after an ERPC? Not that I am trying yet just trying to work out possible dates?

brownstag Mon 16-Sep-13 08:25:50

Duggs, with my last ERPC, it was two months before my next period, and I did ovulate, so it must have been over 6 weeks before I did. But that's quite long, as they said to expect a period in about 6 weeks.
I love wine too, but of the white variety. However, I do eat whole boxes of grapes at a sitting, a few times a week.

Arianrhod Mon 16-Sep-13 09:13:14

duggs After both of my ERPCs I ovulated CD18, after the first ERPC I actually got pregnant before I had an AF but miscarried a week later. Second ERPC AF came on CD30 and then following cycles CD28. Everyone's different, obviously, but I would say it might be wise to track OV if you want to avoid another pregnancy straight away?

duggs1976 Mon 16-Sep-13 10:41:52

Do you all call cd1 the day of the ERPC?

Arianrhod Mon 16-Sep-13 10:57:21

I do, yes - for want of anything else to call it!

Pebbles73 Mon 16-Sep-13 13:28:48

Just managed to find new thread and wow congrats Mel!! I have been having a lot of those little stabbing pains near my right hip bone on and off.

I was unable to get Newlife to prescribe me intralipids to have done elsewhere. They advised me because it is intravenous they can't prescribe it and would have to have it done there. Having said that it it was the crisp nurse who told me I was having an ectopic or miscarriage....

Glad to hear all going well so far Sue, when are you going to have a scan?

We are thinking of not having scan at 8wks and just waiting for one at 12 if we get that far. It's all pretty stressful and have been stressed out with the ups and downs of this enough so far! I mean if there is something wrong at 8 week scan not much can do about it....
Have stopped spotting at last so hoping all is ok.

Arianrhod Mon 16-Sep-13 13:32:26

They're gits pebbles, they just want your £350! Of course they could give you a prescription, you would just take it somewhere else who could administer it for you .. for a good £200 cheaper. I hate this money-grabbing aspect of the (in)fertility business, it makes an already very bad situation even worse for most people.

Understand you not wanting the stress of an 8 week scan, although I seriously admire your strength at holding out if you don't. I don't think I could be that strong-willed, although you're absolutely right, if anything is wrong there isn't anything you could do about it anyway. All fingers crossed that nothing WILL go wrong anyway, and you just have a happy & healthy 12 week scan!

Buzzybee123 Mon 16-Sep-13 14:31:31

pebbles its bollocks, I know Gorgy gives out prescriptions for intralipids they are totally money grabbing. My fingers are crossed that all is ok for you smile

Mel3062 Mon 16-Sep-13 16:03:29

Glad alls good so far pebbles. I had a bit of a sore boob yest and a bit of high up back pain today trying hard not to spot signs !
Louise is letting me have intralipid at healthcare at home but said its not usual practice and I won't be able to do it again. Itl cost the same except hassle of travel and petrol/ trainfare.
Currently at rmc hosp getting progesterone and h cg levels done and thyroid. Been told to have 800 cyclogest and no clexane until had a scan so now worrying as I took one! Prof quenby doesn't prescribe intralipids x

Mel3062 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:12:23

On thyroxine now too. Preg test didn't really show hoping its cos of time and I'd had a wee before, guess what in buying now!! Also I did first response at home

Pebbles73 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:46:28

I wouldn't worry about one clexane Mel sure it won't harm.

brownstag Mon 16-Sep-13 17:59:47

Do you mean the pregnancy test at the hospital, Mel? If so, as ari and I were discussing a while ago, it's probably not a sensitive test they're using. My sister who works in sexual health uses 25miu and Ari said the one her hospital was sing was 30miu.

Mel3062 Mon 16-Sep-13 18:17:36

Thanks yes it was a hospital one x

Mel3062 Mon 16-Sep-13 18:36:11

First response was yesterday. I've bought a clearblue digi for tomorrow!

Mel3062 Tue 17-Sep-13 03:51:36

Umm 3.40 am just done a 10ml test and bfn and so was clearblue digi sad I'm confused sad

Mel3062 Tue 17-Sep-13 06:41:13

Faint line on 10ml one, would of thought it would be stronger just praying digi is not as sensitive. Think ill get another frer, stay on med, wait for blood result and keep fingers firmly tight!!

brownstag Tue 17-Sep-13 08:28:41

Good plan. I think the digis are less sensitive, yes. You're only 12dpo, aren't you? That was the first day I got a line that was totally unequivocal on a 10miu test; I'm sure there wouldn't have been anything to see on a less sensitive test for me at that point. Fingers crossed xxx
...Going off on a slightly different tangent, I noticed a strange phenomenon with the FRER I bought recently. Normally I throw them away (in disgust) when negative, but this one, which was negative on the day (AF arrived shortly afterwards) had a definite red line on it when I looked a couple of days later. I know you're not meant to look at them after the allotted time, but I thought that was interesting, because my NHS ones never do that. Anyone else noticed that with FRER?
Hope all well. How are you Pebbles, Buzzy and Sue?

duggs1976 Tue 17-Sep-13 08:32:31

Check out the TIMES today freelance has her article on recurrent mc in it! Well done her. Best of luck on your HCG results mel. Hope all the other pregnant folk are doing ok? I am not sure what to do next I guess try again to get pregnant and hope the hydroxy and pred and intrallipids work this time. Wasn't on hydroxy before. Come on you preggers ladies you are the inspiration.
Ari how are you doing ?

suemays Tue 17-Sep-13 08:39:10

mel I have only been testing every other day and at the same time with FMU. You sound like you have been doing the tests at different times plus with weakened wee so I am not surprised the line is inconsistent. It's hard not to panic though. I also started testing on day 26 of my cycle, not sure of my OV day.

duggs I would try the hydroxy next time. It's worked for me before and will hopefully work again this time.

pebbles I am with you on the early scans. Only prob is I don't want to waste money on intrallipids at 8 weeks if there is no viable pregnancy.

I am starting to feel a bit queasy but nothing much else to report. Have acupuncture this morning so hopefully he will tell me my pulses are good.

Pebbles73 Tue 17-Sep-13 08:59:15

Try not to worry until you get blood test results Mel as will be a better indicator.

I know what you are saying Sue as also progesterone and clexane to buy on top of intralipids....

I am feeling knackered most of the time and ready for bed by time get in from work. Also seem to look almost 3mths already from all the drugs. Have button undone on jeans with a belt over to hide it! Have days with little twinge/cramps in my right side. Hope these are all good signs 7wks+1 today.

How are you feeling Duggs & Ari?

duggs1976 Tue 17-Sep-13 09:08:33

I'm not doing too well. Even though knowing the nk cells were probably the cause of this mc (not sure if was chromosonally ok yet if at all) did give me some hope initially. Now I feel exhausted and fed up of 4 yrs of either ttc, being pg or recovering from a mc. I just wish I didn't want a child and could move on with our lives. DH isn't doing so well and I try to put on a brave face. I left my job in July as was going to have IVF and then try to get a local one not central London. Now I'm in limbo. I need a job but I am not in the best place mentally and am worried that I will go a bit doo lally. It is just time I know. But I feel like all I do is count time. Anyway you all know this only too well so guess I'm just getting it out there in black and white. I should be grateful I could even leave work even for a month or two I suppose. The distraction would be a welcome one right now. smile

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