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Assisted conception after recurrent miscarriage part 5

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Mel3062 Sat 14-Sep-13 19:37:59

Hope this is right ladies ...

brownstag Sat 14-Sep-13 19:50:10

Hallo all. I also made a part 2. Shall we just stick to this one?

brownstag Sat 14-Sep-13 20:02:10

Was 'Nooooo' in reply to my suggesting you did a test, or to the results of the test, or to the fact that the thread was full? smile

Mel3062 Sat 14-Sep-13 20:08:52

Ha ha no it was your suggestion!! I may of had this before af last month I can't recall, I don't feel preg and last month my cycle was 26 days so af may arrive tomorrow sad

brownstag Sat 14-Sep-13 20:51:58

If only I were as sensible. I am test-obsessed.
How did we get to part 5, btw? The previous thread didn't have a number, so I assumed it was part 1. But I only joined it part-way through, so didn't see how it started.

Mel3062 Sat 14-Sep-13 21:20:48

I just saw that prev links had been made for part 2,3,4 but could be wrong!!

Mel3062 Sat 14-Sep-13 21:21:35

I also don't like disappointment so figured I'd wait and see if af comes tomorrow sad

Arianrhod Sat 14-Sep-13 21:53:30

Bookmarking, confused by the part 5!! smile

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 03:58:45

Sorry maybe were not on part 5 then :/
4am and pain is there it's not ovary I don't think it feels too low like one side of pubic bone x

suemays Sun 15-Sep-13 08:39:05

I had the same lower ovary pain around 5-6 days after ovulation, mine were implantation pains as I got this bfp a week later. They felt like sharp stabbing pains and were on and off for one day but then stopped. I would test mel so that you can start all the meds (assuming) you are having intrallipids etc. The earlier the better!

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 09:57:37

Oh my god bfp on frer I'm shaking... Ill be emailing dr s, prof quenby and serum today oh and rmc consultant!!
Do I stop the dhea and restravatol now?
Luckily I've got clexane so can do that tonight or should I wait til I hear from rmc consultant?
I normally have hcg injections shall I up my cyclogest to 800??
Argh!! I carried 8 litres of pop last night too sad

brownstag Sun 15-Sep-13 10:01:14

Fantastic news!!!!!!! Yes, stop them. Well, I tapered the DHEA over a few days but Mr S will say stop them. Cyclogest won't hurt certainly.
Forget about the pop smile

brownstag Sun 15-Sep-13 10:03:03

When was your last pregnancy, Mel? All this seems to be proving that DHEA is ace! First Sue and now you.

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 10:11:26

I miscarried early May. It's strange as I'm not even sure if the dhea is micronised and not been on it long.
Should I continue the restravatol??
Yes I think I'll take 2 cyclogest and my heperin tonight x

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 10:14:11

Intralipids, I can't shoot down to Epsom this week so hoping Louise will let me do them here, who do I contact? Or does Louise have to contact them first??

brownstag Sun 15-Sep-13 10:42:28

I was never sure mine was micronised either but it certainly was DHEA as my boils testified. Not sure about the resveratrol. The official answer will be to stop it of course. Ari, any opinion? You could try texting Louise. She may not reply as it's the weekend but you could give it a go. Do you have her number?

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 11:01:29

Yes thanks I've made several emails!!

Arianrhod Sun 15-Sep-13 11:55:41

Woohoo mel, excellent news!! I was advised to carry on taking resveratrol when got BFP as it helps combat high NK cells and is only an antioxidant so has no ill effect on the embryo. Not sure Mr S will agree as I don't believe he agrees with taking resveratrol anyway.

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 12:01:50

Thanks ari ill stick with that and not dhea x

suemays Sun 15-Sep-13 16:59:02

Wow congrats mel I had a feeling you were!!!
I started the 2 cyclogest the evening I found out before bed and did the clexane (between 6-9pm) too. I stopped the coq10 and dhea when I found out and started the 40mg pred the next morning. I have been advised to cut back on wheat and dairy as they can increase killer cells too.

If you can get a prescription posted or emailed to you, I have the number of a midwife who can administer them at home for £100. I think you can get the prescription fulfilled at a chemist. She lives in Surrey but travels around London and the Home Counties - not sure where you live.

suemays Sun 15-Sep-13 17:01:00

I did another two tests today to give me peace of mind and the test line is now sucking the colour from the control line. Also did a cb digi and it said 2-3 so am 4-5 weeks. At least its moving in the right direction.

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 17:03:23

Sue that's kind but I'm in York! Ill start clexane and I've had a cyclogest this am! Mr s put me on 25mg steroids and
Now on restravatol and hydroxy so hope that's enough x

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 17:10:07

We dtd this am too :/

duggs1976 Sun 15-Sep-13 17:49:01

Congrats melgrin what is this restervol?

Mel3062 Sun 15-Sep-13 17:55:20

Peny told me to go on it to lower tnf alpha x

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