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Pain after d&c and hysteroscopy

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Ames123 Fri 13-Sep-13 09:33:22

Hi ladies I'm looking for some much needed advice.
Had a d&c done in April at 14 weeks pregnant as baby had a cystic hygroma. Never had a period for the months that followed that but had severe period pain. Went private after being fobbed off by gp for weeks and had a hysteroscopy which showed retained tissue from pregnancy which was mildly infected. After surgery I had a water infection so had antibiotics to treat, as was still having pain and uti taking lots.
This has since passed and it has been nearly a month since surgery, I went for follow up appointment last week and got all clear from biopsy. Problem is for two days I have had lower abdominal/uterus pain which was similar to that before hysteroscopy. I'm so worried that there is something more wrong with me than what was thought. I will add I did have sex twice the day before the pain started but I had already had it once after the surgery and had no pain. When I wiped after intercourse there was blood stained discharge (sorry!) and it felt slightly uncomfortable when in certain positions. I'm terrified this may be pointing to endometreosis??
That's the last thing I need after a year of hell. Does anyone have any similar experience or advice as to what is going on?
I'm about to go to see my gp today in the hope they may say its a uti??
Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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