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Clearblue Digital positive test today after low HCG yesterday?

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Vikks Sat 07-Sep-13 15:54:05

Hi All,
I’m probably clutching at straws here, but would love to hear your views.
Yesterday my bloods came back at a level of 16 (very low I know) 14 dpo IUI cycle. The nurse told me that it should have been about 76 by now and said it didn't look good and said we were probably looking at about a 10% chance of success. I was told to continue taking progesterone for another week and go back on Friday for another blood test.
Today I took a Clearblue digital which came back ‘Positive 1-2 weeks’ and had a ‘Google’ because I was curious as to how low you HCG levels can be to get a positive reading. I found a lot over text saying over 50 for Clearblue Digital! So now obviously feeling a little more hopeful…
Has anyone had a similar experience with Clearblue Digital tests?
Anyone had a HCG reading that low and gone on to have a healthy baby?
Would you try and hold off testing until Friday (a week seems such a long time to wait)?
Thanks in advance, Viks x

lagertops Sat 07-Sep-13 21:49:28

I did a pregnancy test when I already knew I was pregnant (it was spare, and I did it for fun. Weird I know) and to my shock it came back negative. What I found out is that sometimes you can have so much HCG in your system at a specific time in early pregnancy, it will show up as a negative/ low reading. So, dilute your urine with water, dip a stick in and see if the result is any stronger. It worked for me. In the space of 10 mins, I went from no line, to a strong pink line. I know you had blood work taken, I'm not sure if this follows the same principle but it's worth a try.

lagertops Sat 07-Sep-13 21:54:00

It's called the 'hook effect,' if you want to read up on it further. Sorry in advance if this is of no help, I just didn't want to leave you hanging x

willitbe Sun 08-Sep-13 07:51:15

Hi, I replied on your other thread. I just wanted to say regarding the pp comments on the hook effect, this only happens after about week 8 of pregnancy when hcg gets very high. In your case the hcg has been measured via blood test so if would not work with diluting wee. Just so you don't waste a test on it.

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

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