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No period cycle after failed ivf?

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QTPie Fri 06-Sep-13 12:25:06

IVF failed (massive 5/6 day period and BFN on test date) on 3rd Aug). Was expecting AF between last Sat and Tues (3rd Sept). Had pink CM last Sat & Sun, then a slight brown smear (tmi) on a tampax on Mon (we are on holiday - tampax was preventative measure), but that is it... Nothing. I thought that it would start within a day or two of the pink.

Is it common to miss a period completely after IVF? This is my second IVF cycle and AF arrived 31 days after my failed cycle (normal cycle length 29 regular). This is a real pain, since we are trying again naturally this cycle, so really want a clue regarding when to expect ovulation...

Thesimplethings Fri 06-Sep-13 12:29:13

Are you late?

I had two failed Ivf then fell pregnant the cycle after my last attempt. Don't want to get your hopes up but it can happen.

Good luck.

QTPie Fri 06-Sep-13 12:42:17

I don't think that I am pregnant (have been pregnant twice before - one early MC, one lovely boy - and am pretty certain that I would "know" again like I did with the first two). I am pretty sure that it is either very late or missed completely. No pregnancy or PMS symptoms. Dodgy tummy today, but probably eating too much...

I am in a rather nice hotel in Dubai at the moment: no hpt on me and no desire to get one (ie a pain to get to a pharmacy). Will probably test when I get home (Monday) if still nothing.

QTPie Fri 06-Sep-13 12:44:08

Congrats with your pregnancy - two failed IVF attempts is quite miserable...

I am 5 days late for normal cycle, but I was 2 days late the cycle after my last failed IVF cycle. Probably just "extra late" this time...

Thesimplethings Fri 06-Sep-13 13:37:57

Ivf is not an experience I would wish on my worst enemy. Not such much the treatment itself but the emotional side of it is torture.

I'm lucky it worked out for me in the end. Hope you get your happy ending x

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