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Am I still fertile... Tests?

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Shellster52 Mon 02-Sep-13 07:26:30

I guess we have to be lucky that at least we have some sort of funded system that at least makes medical treatment affordable even if . I am grateful that I at least get some money back for our IVF treatment on the Medicare system. Although somone recently told me that only a certain number of IVF's are funded - will have to investigate that. Anyway, I know I am covered for the next one - hopefully I don't need any more after that!

Fraxinus Fri 30-Aug-13 09:41:02

Hi there,

Yeah, the uk is quite variable as to systems for making appointments. Gp practises have their own systems, which change. When choosing my practise, I asked about availability of appointments as a deciding factor, and for the first few years I have to say they were great, but recently you have to discuss your issue with the receptionist in order to get a telephone consultation with a gp, who will probably ask you to come into the urgent surgery, where you have to wait for approx 1 hour to be seen. Otherwise, if it is not urgent you have to wait about 2 weeks for an appointment. nurse appointments are now similarly at least 2 weeks away, unless you are not working and available at any time of the day.

I could change doctors but I think my doctors are better than most, as previous gp talked to me like I was a complete idiot and twice prescribed me medication which was unsuitable for breast feeding mothers.

I am surprised to read how many people on here have had fsh tested by gp at wrong time in cycle, only to have the test repeated by fertility consultant correctly.

Shellster52 Fri 30-Aug-13 02:05:58

Oh, I am in Australia, and once I get the blood test referral from the GP, I can get the blood test on any day I want. I didn't realise that your system is different over there and that your blood test appointment is booked in advance. Hopefully the timing works out so that it can happen at the start of your cycle and you don't have to worry.

I also did the test that Bakingtins was referring to - the AMH test. It is not covered under our Medicare system either so I paid privately. This test can be done on any day of the cycle so your appointment system won't matter if you decide to get that done. Mine was really low despite my FSH still being perfect. My IVF doctor said that the AMH levels drop first and that FSH will start to rise in the time to come. So with my initial FSH, I thought I was all okay but the AMH told the true story as to why I am having trouble... and then we discovered my husband has 100% abnormal sperm morphology to top it off!

I don't think you are fraudelent for posting on this site at all. We all have different issues and it is nice to realise we are not alone. I guess in a way it is even tougher for you - you want more children but have to find a partner first before you can even consider trying to get pregnant which is the stage we are at now. Sounds reassuring that your last two children were conceived easily.

I have shorter cycles too - usually 24 or 25 days but sometimes 26 or 27. I used to think that it was good because it would put me out of my misery sooner as to if I am pregnant or not and I could try again sooner. But after reading that cycles start to shorten with age, I decided it wasn't so good!

I hope you are able to find some pleasure in being single and then meet a man who shares your dreams. And of course, to cherish the children you do have in the meantime! There are many women on here who have no children and it makes me feel very grateful to have my one while I struggle to get baby number two.

Fraxinus Thu 29-Aug-13 23:04:25

Oh, thank you all for your replies! I am touched!

Shellster, nice to meet you! Thank you for your kind words. I am now separated from my ex, so no immediate ttc plans. I need to take some time out to reestablish myself as a single person before dating, let alone procreating! For this reason, i feel slightly fraudulent posting on this part of the site, because i realise there are people in a very different situation from mine, going through really tough times, and i do hope my questions do not seem trivial. I always wanted a larger family, and our different opinions about this contributed to our breakup. I have 2 children who were easily conceived.

I do hope that you have some success soon! I will come and find your thread.

In terms of my cycle issues, I have just looked properly on the charts on fertility friend, and I am a bit annoyed with myself really. I thought I was getting 16 day and 22 day cycles from what it said, however now I have counted the days properly, it turns out, to my relief that the cycles are longer than that. I have very heavy bleeding, clots and flooding for 7-10 days which certainly makes my cycle feel very short! Any way, they have shortened from 37 days in January to, 30, 28, 17, 22,26, 23, 23, 22. I have read that cycles can shorten as the body's last ditch attempt to get pregnant... And my gp,did seem to agree that this sometimes happens.

Bakingtins, thank you for your details about the tests. It is interesting to know that ovarian reserve in not available on NHs...
My mum had menopause in her early 40's and reports it as sudden. I am physiologically more like my grandmother, though, and am unsure of her experience, other than she had a hysterectomy, so I am not certain of what to expect really.

I think the blood test will be around the time of the beginning of my cycle, but it is impossible to change these appointments near the time, and as my cycle is irregular, I can't know in advance when it is going to be. Strange that the gp said it didn't matter when. Perhaps she does not usually get these cases, as the other gp has the 'fertility and contraception' job. hmm

Bakingtins Thu 29-Aug-13 04:57:02

When did your mum go through menopause? You are likely to be similar and peri menopause can be up to 10 yrs before full menopause.

Bakingtins Thu 29-Aug-13 04:55:28

I don't know a huge amount about it but had some fertility tests as part of recurrent MC investigations and FSH/LH definitely had to be done on day 2 of cycle. I also had a scan to look at ovaries and see how many follicles were developing mid cycle and a blood test called anti-mullerian hormone which gives some indication of ovarian reserve. AMH not available on the NHS though.
Are you TTC, or did you have problems conceiving previously? I wouldn't panic purely on an age basis, I think the over 35 thing is exaggerated in the media.

Shellster52 Thu 29-Aug-13 04:44:38

Hi Fraxinus

I just started a thread with my own concerns about Clomid and having high day 21 estrogen, and I noticed your post here unanswered. I have been trying to conceive for 2 years and know how lonely it can be so I wanted to reply to your unanswered thread!

It definitely DOES matter what day in the cycle your FSH is tested. It is normally low at the start of the cycle and then rises to get your follicles growing so of course the result is going to be different on different days of your cycle.

I have read women having it usually tested on day 2 or 3, but my IVF nurse says to get it tested on day 2 only as it can be starting to rise on day 3. So I would say to get it tested on day 2 if your doctor doesn't mind what day you do it on so you can hopefully get a reassuring result and not a high FSH.

As regards for your doctor saying that 30 is the limit and other threads on this site saying 10 is at the high end of normal, just be aware that different counties use different units of measurement. This is frustrating as it makes it difficult to compare when people just post their blood levels in numbers on the internet without stating the unit of measurement. So maybe that is the reason for the difference.

How short is your 'very short' cycle? Do you know the reason behind it seeing as you seem to be aware of other related medical problems? You might be able to provide me with some insight as to the reason behind my shorter cycles!

I hope you get some answers from your doctor. I take it that you are not currently trying to get pregnant but just want to know your body is ready for when you decide to try in the future.

We started trying for baby number one back in 2009. It is now 2012 and I have just turned 36. We got baby number one but I had no idea of the trouble I would have in getting number two and wish I had of started sooner, especially after reading that fertility drops off drastically after 35. So I hope you feel ready sooner rather than later and I hope your journey is not as long as mine smile

Fraxinus Wed 28-Aug-13 23:32:49

Hi ladies, wasn't sure where to,post this, but conception seemed the wrong place, and I think there is lots of knowledge and experience onhere.
So I would be really grateful for any comment.

I hope to have more children in the future, I am age 35 with a very short cycle and other cycle related problems, And i have been to the gp. She said she could test fsh, and that it didn't matter what time in the cycle it was, and that if the results were 30+ it looks like peri menopause, but if the results are lower it doesn't necessarily mean it is not peri menopause.

There is another recent thread here which suggests fsh testing on day 3 and 10 as at the high end of normal... So I am now a bit confused.

Can anyone give me a dummies guide to finding out about your fertility?


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