high fsh, high amh - confused!

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yorkiebilb Mon 26-Aug-13 16:33:48

I'm very confused and wondered if anyone had received similar results?

I've had day 3 fsh levels checked in July and the results came back as 12 suggesting low ovarian reserve. As my next fc on NHS wasn't until Sep we decided to pay for a amh test as well privately. I went to get the results expecting them to be low to back up my fsh results and they have come back quite high (34.4) which is very confusing. The consultant said that they have come back as normal levels for a 25 yo but because of my age (35) and my fsh result she thinks that something is masking my true number and suggested multicystic ovaries. They are not high enough to suggest PCOS - however, I have had two ultrasounds this year and there has been no mention of multicystic ovaries even though I have asked about any cysts on my ovaries at both appointments so I am very confused!

Has anyone ever had any results that have come back similar? I know it's a long shot to ask as I've tried googling and there is no information out there about high fsh/high amh other than pcos which I know I don't have based on my previous blood tests. Thanks for reading!

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fairypangolin Mon 26-Aug-13 21:17:53

Hi- I had FSH and AMH done last year (age 39) and my FSH was normal (7) but my AMH was v high (39.9). One consultant said I must be "on the spectrum" for PCOS even though I had no symptoms of it but another said I didn't. I don't think that anyone other than perhaps a reproductive endocrinologist really knows how to interpret these results. I'm sorry if that's not much help but I did fall pg first round of IVF and the doctors said a high AMH level is good for that because you respond well to the drugs.

I would have pursued the issue further with an RE is it had been necessary. Good luck!

yorkiebilb Mon 26-Aug-13 21:49:14

Hey fairy thanks very much for responding and it's great to hear you fell pregnant first round of ivf. Was your amh done at the ivf clinic or was it prior to referral for ivf?

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fairypangolin Wed 28-Aug-13 17:33:30

Hi yorkie I had the AMH done at the ivf clinic, straight after the initial consultation. It was the first thing they wanted to check along with my antral follicle count. I feel incredibly lucky that it worked first time.

Did your consultant suggest any further tests or diagnostic tools?

yorkiebilb Wed 28-Aug-13 21:19:29

Thanks. The private consultant want to do an afc and a monitored cycle to try and find out what is going on but this is very expensive to do.

I'm waiting on my next NHS appointment in a week and a half and have written to them with the results of the test and to ask them to take it into consideration when looking at my file as they don't do amh tests on the NHS. I'm no where near ivf stage yet, just want to know what's going on!

Really great that it worked first time for you. Congratulations and thanks v much for your advice.

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Ninaq Wed 12-Dec-18 20:44:18

Hi! Can You Help me? I Also have high FSH and high AMH. Did you get pregnant?
Thank u

Littledinosaur Fri 14-Dec-18 17:19:49

Ninaq I had that & it turned out that I had a slightly under active thyroid (tsh 4.5) which was throwing out my fsh levels, once I started taking thyroxine I got pregnant in a matter of weeks. I had been ttc for 3 years & fsh was 21, all other levels were completely normal.

JellycatElfie Sun 16-Dec-18 11:18:02

Littledinosaur how do I go about finding if I have thyroid problems? Is it a blood test? Thanks

Littledinosaur Sun 16-Dec-18 11:37:20

It is a blood test, I was told by my specialist that if tsh was above 2.5 it was almost impossible to conceive.

Littledinosaur Sun 16-Dec-18 11:38:16

Overactive thyroid also causes issues, not sure what the figures are for that though.

BoFair Wed 16-Jan-19 18:02:12

I’m so pleased to have found this thread as I’ve been searching all across the internet for an interpretation of elevated FSH and high AMH levels. I’ve read the same PCOS conclusions but they don’t apply to me. I’ve had 2 ultrasounds and an X-ray (HSG) to check my tubes weren’t blocked and my thyroid test was fine. I do however have one slightly smaller ovaries compared to the other and it only has 2 follicles. The other ovaries looks healthy and has 6 follicles. I’m 39 years old and been ttc for over 2 years. The ivf doctor is hopefully for us but without finding any reassuring information on the web to support this unusual combination of elevated results, I confess I’ve let the anxiety and fear of failure get to me. (Not helping myself there!)
That being said, I came across a medical journal’s article which concluded that a combo of high FSH and AMH had best chances of ivf success, So, hurrah!!!! Fingers crossed.

Moomin37 Wed 16-Jan-19 19:16:30

Hello at age 36 I think my FSH was 9 yet my AMH was high 30s (so better than expected for my age). At the same time the NHS consultant diagnosed me with hypothalamic amenorrhea and said I'd need ovulation induction or IVF. Tried Clomid then stabbing (Menopur injections) and currently boobing my two year old to sleep! 😀😍

BoFair Wed 16-Jan-19 19:24:44

@Moomin37 that’s so great to hear! Congratulations. Thanks for the info re the drugs. I have an appointment next week to discuss the drugs I’ll be on.

For anyone else reading this, here’s the synopsis of the report I mentioned above:
“A recent paper by investigators at the the CHR, which was published in the esteemed medical journal Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The study reported that women with the somewhat unusual combination of high FSH and high AMH levels had four times more eggs retrieved, and were almost twice as likely to get pregnant after IVF, than women with all other FSH/AMH combinations.”

Moomin37 Wed 16-Jan-19 19:29:04

@BoFair wishing you all the best with your treatment smile Easier said than done but reducing stress levels will help. Do just enough research to be informed / ask the right questions and then no more after that!

BoFair Wed 16-Jan-19 19:42:43

@Moomin37 That’s really good advice. I have lots of positive info to help me along this path so now is a good time to sit back. Thank you xx

MrsEeVee Thu 31-Jan-19 11:02:37

Hi! I'm so happy that I found this discussion! I too have high fsh and high amh (fsh 11, amh 9,7). When I got my results I had my tsh level at 3,7. It has come down and now it is ~1. Does anyone know how does tsh affect on fsh or does it?

I have tried to find something about this high fsh and high amh thing but haven't been able to find almost anything, just this one report from 2013 which BoFair mentioned. I live in Finland and at least in Finnish I haven't been able to find anything! sad

I have been bregnant once but had a miscarriage (year ago) and I have had one biochemical bregnancy last summer. I'm so worried that my fsh level is the reason why I can't get a healthy pregnancy.

We are starting our IVF journey hopefully next month and I'm so freaked out that I just have so bad eggs and that's why we haven't been able to have a baby.

Littledinosaur Thu 31-Jan-19 13:04:19

@MrsEeVee I was told by the fertility specialist I saw that if one of your figures is out it throws all of the others out & that it’s like a spiderweb in that it’s all interlinked. I’d try and get your fsh tested again now your tsh is normal. Good luck with it all

MrsEeVee Thu 31-Jan-19 13:50:29

@Littledinosaur Thank you so much for replying! Maybe I should try to get my fsh tested again so I could see the possibile effect. So scared that it has just increased. confused

Littledinosaur Thu 31-Jan-19 15:56:22

It’s so hard. I was due to start IVF if I hadn’t conceived within 3 months of starting thyroxine, luckily it all worked out. I didn’t get my fsh tested again, the specialist was confident that the only reason it was so high was because of my tsh being out, especially as amh wasn’t low.

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