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Changing clinics after two cycles?

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QTPie Sun 28-Jul-13 21:21:27

How easy is this to do?

I have had all of the investigations and the two cycles very recently (first cycle March 2013, second just finishing now).

Depending on the debrief with my current clinic, am seriously considering changing clinics (although the only choice is one with a lower success rate... maybe their methods will just suit me more).

This will be our 3rd cycle (all private) and really don't want to "start again". This is likely to be our last cycle - want a cycle that is really tailored to me and to throw everything at it (not the standard "cookie cutter" approach).

Anyone else have experiences of changing clinics in between cycles?


eurochick Mon 29-Jul-13 12:15:55

It should be easy.

I changed from my NHS clinic after my one cancelled cycle there. The new private clinic does a fertility MOT on all patients (basically a detailed scan) so I had that and an initial consultation, but otherwise all our previous tests were accepted, and that was it.

Luckystarfour Thu 01-Aug-13 23:11:05

I changed after three rounds with Care to a London clinic as I their coveyor belt approach was but detailed enough for our fertility needs. We never looked back and knew instantly it was the right decision!

No repetition of tests. Got straight on. Might be worth paying for a copy if your notes though!

Good luck. The London clinics always seem to have a more personalised and specialised approach in our experience! We are midlands based and the travel really hasn't been an issue!

evolutio Fri 02-Aug-13 15:29:47

I am changing after having two rounds of ICSI - I wasn't happy with the sales pitch lip-service-type environment (consultants). For them, it boils down to improving their stats on HFEA. It's not in their best interest to keep someone on if it brings down their stats.

I used a private clinic initially; am going to try an NHS private clinic now - see how that pans out.

Have you tried overseas?

Luckystarfour Sun 04-Aug-13 07:51:45

I haven't evolutio but I know over on the conception threads women have, So it might be worth checking there and also on fertility friends.

I personally wouldn't opt for an Nhs clinic due to less resources and often not as up to date approaches - but it does come down to each individual couple and you feeling a connection with the clinic

Good luck x

kjjmack Sun 11-Aug-13 18:23:33

Hi, A change is well worth a try. I had 3 failed icsi cycles at my local clinic then decided that was the end of the road for me but like many of us a year later decided I needed 1 more go! I changed to the lister in chelsea, I had to pay my local clinic about £30 (4 years ago) for a copy of my notes but that was it. The Lister did all their own bloods and everything from scratch. I now have a cheeky monkey son so am one very happy mummy.

I found both clinics did things very differently and it just so happened the 2nd clinics procedures suited my body better - good luck smile

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