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IVF/ICSI with really bad egg quality?

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QTPie Thu 25-Jul-13 20:42:44

Has anyone got any advice/ideas?

I have just finished my second IVF (ICSI) cycle today - well have had ET today, but not hugely hopeful (one two day four cell embryo returned) - and am feeling very deflated.

I am 39 (40 in Feb) and have one child (DS - 3.5 years old - feel VERY lucky) and one early MC immediately before that. So I am getting old, but can/could get pregnant and successfully hold a pregnancy (but that was almost 4 years ago). I have a BMI of just over 22, have never smoked, exercise very well (but sensibly), drink minimally and don't have a lot of caffeine and eat well/sensibly. So I do all of the right things. Have tried Maca and Bee Pollen.

Have had two cycles of IVF ICSI:
- First cycle: 13 eggs collected, 10 mature, 4 fertilised, 3 were normal, 2 top quality embryos (one 8 cell, one 9 cell) returned on day 3 (3rd was not thriving). Period arrived 10 days after EC (7 days after ET).
- Second cycle: 9 eggs collected, 8 mature, 2 fertilised, only 1 normal(very good quality) and returned today (day 2). Obviously still awaiting the result for this cycle, but feeling really quite down sadly sad

The embryologist just said that "the eggs do not survive the ICSI process" (there is no life whatsoever): my eggs just aren't good quality.

This two cycles have been pretty much "back to back". Looking to take a long break now (probably until the new year): get my health and fitness (and sanity) back... But thinking about another one: is it even worth a try?

Has anyone similar experience? Have they managed to turn things around? Change drugs/protocols to maybe either get more eggs (and so more chances of fertilisation?) or to get less eggs (but maybe higher quality?) and get some success?

Both cycles that I have done have been long protocol with 300 gonal-F: the Consultant I had couldn't suggest anything more constructive after the first first cycle (apart from giving me High Dose Folic acid which may help with implantation - she felt that I was "unlucky" that neither of the embryos implanted the first time...).


Andcake Thu 25-Jul-13 20:54:59

I took fish oil, zinc and coq10 in the hope of improving egg quality when I was trying naturally. I did eventually conceive but not sure what heled.

Luckystarfour Thu 25-Jul-13 21:31:46

How do they know the egg quality is not good? Are there any sperm factors? Stimulation can affect egg quality - so they could perhaps try something different. I have stimulated with menopur mainly (I had one cycle with gonal F - I hated the needles and actually that round was my worst outcome!) I also think 3 months is advisable in-between IVF/ICSI cycles.

From your post however it sounds as though your clinic isn't too helpful in terms of making suggestions. I would consider a new clinic if indeed you do go for a further cycle.

However you have an embie on board, so fingers crossed this happens for you smile

eurozammo Fri 26-Jul-13 13:27:08

As you are having ICSI there are presumably MF issues, so it seems odd to jump to the conclusion that egg quality is the problem. Can you have a consultation with another clinic to see what they would advise?

QTPie Sun 28-Jul-13 21:17:50

Thank you very much.

I will look at the supplements.

Lucky - they feel that it is egg quality because of complete lack to fertilise (no sign of life at all). I did ask the embryologist questions about the eggs, but sadly they don't seem to do any analysis of failed eggs. Yes, especially after two identical cycles, I feel that there must be something else worth trying (and a 3rd cycle of exactly the same is probably a bit pointless...). You could well be wise: no-one warned me not to have very close IVF cycles, but my health has not been great this cycle and the results not as good. You are completely right - so far my clinic has not been very "inventive". Their success rates are good (and the best in the area), but maybe it is because they have a "cookie cutter approach that works for the majority" (perhaps that cookie cutter approach just doesn't work for me and they are failing to look outside the box...). Assuming this cycle fails, I will have my debrief appointment with the lead consultant (who I am familiar with from private investigations and surgery): see if he can offer something different and more promising. I will also look at a different clinic and try to get a consultation. Unfortunately there is only one other clinic that is local enough to us: it is actually quite a lot more convenient than the one I am currently at, but their success rates are lower (but, who knows, their methods may just suit me more).

Euro - what I was told was basically "you are already having ICSI, so there is nothing more that can be done for male issues and it isn't likely to be them" and "the failure to fertilise at all - I get the impression that the eggs didn't survive fertilisation... perhaps they disintegrated? - is generally a sign of a problem with the eggs". Yes, will look at another clinic - although the choice is not great around here: maybe a change will just suit me (hate the thought of starting again though).

Thank you smile

Any other comments/experience/advice appreciated.


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