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FFS. Just TRY to understand . It is the ONLY option left for me....I do not appreciate your un-funny comments

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ilikecooking Sun 21-Jul-13 20:30:45

General rant - feel free to ignore.

To my mother....You have seen me grieve for decades. Just STOP banging on about wanting twins for grandchildren. I would be the happiest person alive to successfully carry to term just ONE child.

To my brother....You ALSO have witnessed me grieve for the fact I will never know what a little version of me & DH will be like. Your (alleged) "joke" about him/her coming out & speaking Spanish IS NOT funny in the slightest.

To my Dad...I am NOT "just the carrier" We have not undergone IVF for decades just to "carry" a child that biologically will not be related to you.

To my Aunt...I am NOT the surrogate. If this works successfully, I AM his/her Mummy. Surrogates do a fantastic job, however, DH & I are doing this BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY FUCKING OPTION WE HAVE LEFT.

UNDERSTOOD??? angry sad angry sad angry sad angry sadangry

ITCouldBeWorse Thu 08-Aug-13 13:12:49

Very best of luck.

Your experience should clearly show that biological relationships do not guarantee loving relationships!

I hope this time next year you are in a much happier situation

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