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tests tests and more tests

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Shellster52 Fri 19-Jul-13 15:11:01

I am not in the same situation to be able to give you positive thoughts to keep you going. But sometimes I read of people who are worse off than me and it makes me feel like at least I have more hope. Maybe I can do that for you!!!! You are only 24. I am 36 and also have been trying to conceive for 2 years.

If I was going to pick an infertility diagnosis, it would definitely be PCOS. With PCOS, you don't usually ovulate very often so these women have an excellent ovarian reserve full of eggs - you just needs the meds to make it happen.

I on the other hand have a very low AMH indicating a very poor ovarian reserve - and there is nothing they can do for me to increase the amount of eggs in there.

I know about wanting to give up. But we keep soldiering on because that is the only way we can achieve our dreams. You sound like you are on the right track now and getting closer to an accurate diagnosis so it can hopefully be treated or at least overcome.

ifonly678 Thu 18-Jul-13 12:14:27

recently found out I had pcos now my doctor is thinking it might be something different (something wrong with my tubes.) im 24 and ttc for over 2 years now. we have both been sent for a million and one tests.. and im starting to feel like giving up... he has a child from previous relationship and kills me to see them together. anyone in the same situation who can give me positive things to keep me going...

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