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Just had HSG - one side what?

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snowqueenrollo Fri 26-Jul-13 13:53:51

my HSG showed a blocked left tube and i was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx. I had lap and dye to fix it, and my tube was opened up and flushed through. I got pregnant in the month immediately after the surgery and am cradling my sleepy 6 month old as i type.
I'm happy to answer questions but am busy with ds so apologies if i take a little while to respond.

Shellster52 Wed 24-Jul-13 11:41:49

Three years is a long time - and it seems even longer when the last two weeks of every cycle drag out while you wait. I started giving my hubby supplements for his poor sperm. His count and motility count both went up a lot but his morphology stayed the same (I think this needs healthy eating and exercise both of which my husband badly lacks). So if it was just the count that was low, that is an easy fix with supplements - at least from my experience.

You would think that in three years of trying, you would have ovulated on your non blocked side about half the time but still no pregnancy. I hope you get some solutions at your appointment.

Tw1nkle Sun 21-Jul-13 13:33:56

Thanks Shellster52, we've been trying 3 years, and already have a DD (4.8).
DH has been tested and ok (A bit low, but ok).
I think it will be clomid for me too in October then.

Shellster52 Sun 21-Jul-13 02:20:23

Hi Twi!nkle. Just flicking through the threads that didn't have many responses to see if I could offer some support. I have a HSG last year and discovered one side was blocked. Walking out of the surgery room, I felt exactly the same as you. People had been telling me to 'relax and it would happen'. Walking out of that surgery room, I thought 'It's not my mind stopping me getting pregnant and I need to relax - I am not insane - there is a physical problem'. I don't know what your doc will say at your appointment but I personally then went on to do 3 rounds of Clomid. The idea was that instead of ovulating just one follicle which could be on my blocked side, Clomid would help me to ovulate multiple follicles and hopefully one of them would be on my non blocked side. It didn't work and after three cycles, the Clomid had caused my period to become nearly non existent so I stopped. I then had a laparoscopy and the tube was cleared. Still no pregnancy. I then went on to discover that my husbands sperm has 100% abnormal morphology so that explained why the Clomid didn't work. We are about the embark on our third round of IVF. Hopefully this is your only issue and now they can work around it to get you pregnant. How long have you been trying?

Tw1nkle Wed 17-Jul-13 20:11:10

Thanks Figaro82

In a way I'm pleased they found something - helps to explain things, and maybe they can 'unblock' it someway!

Will have to wait until my October appt I guess.....

Figaro82 Wed 17-Jul-13 20:01:56

Hi Twinkle,

Can't help you on the next steps but came on here to see how you got on with your HSG. Glad you didn't find it too bad!

Tw1nkle Wed 17-Jul-13 12:29:50

I've just had a HSG - it wasn't too bad, but did hurt a bit!
One side was clear, but the other is what happens next?
I have a follow up appt for October, but will anything happen between then and now?
Any advice appreciated!

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