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Been referred, long wait, can we do anything in the meantime to help?

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Solaia Sun 14-Jul-13 09:19:03


Thanks so much for the reply. You are right, I just want to feel like I have an ounce of control over something!

I have lost weight and exercised more bit have totally fallen off the wagon in the last few weeks - need to start again!

Hopefully the appointment will come around more quickly, and who knows, maybe a miracle will happen in the meantime. I actually feel less pressure now because I feel like we have taken the next step. So maybe being slightly more relaxed will help.

Solaia x

lozster Sat 13-Jul-13 15:43:03

Tricky because you have no diagnosis so it's hard to say exactly what would help.

My personal opinion is to avoid spending on alternative therapies and keep your money in your pocket for when you might really need it for private treatment or elements of private treatment to go with your NHS treatment.

Things I would say are generally helpful are to look at your weight. Depending on what you are at the moment a small weight loss (or gain) can help - I was at the higher end of a healthy BMI. Exercise is good for general well being too. I'd take a pre-natal vit - Boots do a cheap own brand including your folic acid allocation and get your OH to take a men's vit too. I also stopped drinking alcohol or caffeine before my successful IVF. No definitive evidence but generally a good thing. If you smoke then that's an obvious one too. I also upped by protein intake but I am a vegetarian so perhaps more need in my case.

I've said what I did above but I was further down the path than you. I do understand the need to be in control and feel things are moving on but without the initial appointment it's a bit random other than to generally live a healthy lifestyle.

If you were to do one thing, I would say go to 'fertility friends'. It's a website with enormous amounts of information on it that may take you quite some time to digest and find your way through. Do persist as this may put you in a better place than any cod science therapies. By the way, that's quite a long wait for your first appointment. I do sympathise and hope it comes through faster. My other advice would be to pace yourself and keep your expectations in check for the first appointment. Fertility treatment is a marathon not a sprint.

Solaia Sat 13-Jul-13 09:27:19

I thought I'd ask some experts to see if you have any ideas of things we can do while we wait four months for the fertility clinic to see us.

We have been TTC for 20 months. I have 'day 21' test on Monday (actually day 24 as my cycles are 31 days) and DH has his first SA on Tuesday. We then need to do the day 2 tests and a 2nd SA next month before being place on a min 12 week waiting list.

Whilst I'm really pleased that we are getting medical help, I would like to feel like we were doing something, anything, that could help in the meantime. Has anyone got recommendations? Supplements, acupuncture, books to read, exercises? Don't worry there will be plenty of BD wink

I'm feeling particularly down as our beautiful, healthy, precious little nephew was born a few days ago. And has been called the name we picked out years ago and had our hearts set on. Feeling a little sad

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