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Today would have been due date!

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lj123 Sun 14-Jul-13 00:42:26

It's so difficult! I am struggling big time.
I'm so sorry to hear that, that must be really hard.
It's a Shame it's so common yet you see people who don't deserve it, just makes me so angry.
I hope it gets easier I really do. X

ilikecooking Sat 13-Jul-13 10:33:32

Aaaah, sweetheart, I'm in the same situation. So hard to not think about the "what ifs". All those "we should be hearing this now, we should be doing this now, I shouldn't be doing this now". It's SO difficult, isn't it?

My due date for the 1st round of IVF was Christmas Day, the due date for the 2nd round if it had worked would have been my birthday day....

The only thing I can say is give time time. Such a small saying but very important.

Give time time.

lj123 Sat 13-Jul-13 09:11:16

So here it is, it's played on my mind all week!
I look in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom and I think 'wow these rooms would have been so different'
I wish none of this ever happened, how are you suppose to get over something like this?
There's bumps and babies everywhere, but not with me. hmm

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