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HyCoSy help please.

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JT2013 Wed 10-Jul-13 21:40:39

Sorry, I've started a new thread because my appointment is tomorrow and I'm hoping someone might have been in a similar position.
I have a HyCoSy booked tomorrow with a consultant appointment straight after. The trouble is I started my period today and I know the test can't be carried out- I also know there's a 3 month wait for the next one and I'm 40 in January.
In the meantime, my partner's 2nd SA has come back ridiculously low again so the chances of me conceiving natural even if my tubes are fully functional tubes is minute.
Shall I just keep the appointment and play dumb so I get my time with the consultant or let them know in the morning and risk them cancelling? Is a HyCoSy a box that needs to be ticked or will we still get our referral on the basis of my partner's very low sperm count even if my FSH is slightly raised and my AMH is low (4.0pmol/L)?
Thank you so much in advance.

ceara Thu 11-Jul-13 06:27:06

Personally I'd keep the consultant appointment if you have any questions about your results so fatpr, options or what happens next. I imagine they will want the results of the HyCoSy before you start treatment though if you DH's SA means it's IVF/ICSI whatever happens, your tubes probably aren't going to change the treatment path so they may be willing to refer you straight away, worth asking anyway.

I take it 40 is the upper limit for NHS treatment in your area? Ours is 35 so I don't have any experience of the system, as the NHS locally kindly wrote me off as geriatric and not worth wasting time and money on (currently 12 weeks pregnant after one private cycle and a FET). If the 3 month wait for HyCoSy puts your NHS cycle at risk, would it be an option to get it done quicker privately? It is £330 at my clinic.

JT2013 Thu 11-Jul-13 10:21:05

Congratulations! It's so heartening to hear news like yours. I've never heard of 35 being a cut off, that's ludicrous. It seems IVF provision is a free for all, criteria wise. What area are you in?
Yes, we're going to go along. I have a feeling if I phone they'll use it as an excuse to cancel. At least if I'm there they can discuss my repeat day 3/21 test results too. Good thinking about the test, will be money well spent.
Any tips for IVF? Did you try accupuncture or any supplements?
Thanks for response and advice by the way!

doobeedee Sat 13-Jul-13 22:11:24

Just wanted to find out what happened with this. I had a HyCoSy and on the letter it said it didn't matter if you had your period. So did you have it in the end?

JT2013 Sat 13-Jul-13 23:51:56

Hi doobeedee, thanks for asking.
As it transpired, it didn't matter in the end because I didn't have the HyCoSy. The lovely consultant (he was really nice which made it slightly easier to take) said he'd refer us on the basis of my partner's 2nd low SA result, depending on my test results. I had an AMH results which I thought was 4.0( and was devastated about) but he pointed out it was <4.0 which is a ridiculous way to report results. He said no problem, it's a relatively new test and most clinics go by FSH. He called up my latest results and I'd gone from 14 to 26 in 3 months, so it's a no go. He said our best chance was donor egg which I struggled with when I first thought about it months ago but now I'm SO grateful it's another option and praying that my partner's dodgy sperm isn't a chromosomal abnormality.
Sorry to waffle on, still trying to get my head around it.
Was your scan clear?

ceara Sun 14-Jul-13 11:40:31

Oh JT I'm really sorry it wasn't good news. Information is power though so I suppose the one positive is that you know now, and can start to process it. I didn't have to face those choices but I know DE essentially stops the clock ticking so thank goodness you can take your time to come to terms with the news and decide with your DH what you want to do. I'm glad you have options to consider. It's amazing how strong we can find we are, by going through this, and how things you'd never have thought you'd contemplate, end up being part of your life and you find you're OK with that.

JT2013 Thu 18-Jul-13 21:31:56

Ah, thanks ceara, sorry I haven't replied till now- end of the school year is crazy, but at least the reports are finished now!
It's very true. I remember 9 months thinking that I'd feel really hard done by if we had to have IVF!!
The relief of knowing I don't have to hurry things along before I'm 40 is immense- the increased success rate is also heartening. Just to confuse matters, I had a call from the consultant's secretary yesterday saying that the FSH he did on the day of my consultation came back as 5.8! Bless her, she was almost as excited as me- she said he thinks my ovaries 'play up' and are slightly polycystic (though I have no other symtoms apart from irregular periods) I'm not entirely sure what that means-can they refer me on the basis of one good FSH test?
I hope your pregnancy's going well? Must be awful in this heat, but I'm sure you're not complaining!

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