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How long to wait for HyCoSy?

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moggle Fri 21-Jun-13 12:27:27

Thanks, that's lucky. I think I'm going to ring the fertility clinic and ask them what to do. Might be that I should ring before my next period actually starts - it is pretty predictable, and if I do happen to get a BFP, I can cancel it in plenty of time for someone else to take the appointment.

barkingtreefrog Thu 20-Jun-13 07:21:22

I got one the first time I called on cd1 but there was literally one appointment left, it was take it or leave it.

moggle Mon 17-Jun-13 14:56:30

I've been referred for a HyCoSy but at the second time of trying to get an appointment this morning (I have to call on the 1st day of my period) they haven't had any available. I have one more cycle to try and get it done before our next fertility consultant appointment in August and am a bit worried about not getting one next month either. The appointment lady told me they only have four slots for this procedure each week! So considering they'll only book it between day 7 and 21 of the cycle they are only 8 possibles. She said she'd put in my notes that it was my second month of ringing and hopefully next time I'll get one, but I don't see how likely that is unless it's quieter in July or they magically get more appointments...

In a way I'm not toooo cross about it because I'm about to start a new job and getting pregnant in the next few months would be, let's say, sub-optimal (although we are not stopping TTC). Also I have no reason to suspect tubal problems (eg no infections, no previous pregnancies, etc) but realise that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Soooo... I was just wondering how the system works elsewhere in the country and how long others have had to wait? We're in Surrey.

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