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The clomid crew - part 3

(188 Posts)
Pipdini Sun 09-Jun-13 14:45:16

I've started a new thread as we ran out of space!! Hope everyone find this...

Update from me: I'm on clomid cycle 2, 50ng day 2-6. Currently day 18. Last month my day 21 bloods were 39.1 which was up from 21 without clomid....

Feeling quite positive, but think that is only as I am mid cycle!!

Pipdini Wed 12-Jun-13 08:51:58

Feather - Yes I do mean injectables by super ovulation. I can't bear to hear other people's pregnancy announcements. Really happy for them but I just have to keep myself separated as I know it would upset me!! You know I just want to go back to normal when I don't feel resentful of people's good news!

Charlie I'm trying really hard not to symptom spot as for first year that is all I did and was never pregnant so really trying not to think about it.... Though saying that I actually don't think I have any. My temp is up but that is all I have, off for bloods in a minute!

Let's - Follicle tracking just scans you to see how many follicles are maturing, as usually there would only be one, but clomid is supposed to boost this... I know what you mean - why hasn't it happened!!!

JustWant1 Thu 13-Jun-13 17:51:40

Hi everyone
Hope you don't mind if I join in!
Feeling crappy so reading all ur positive comments is keeping my spirits up!
I'm literally at the beginning of the journey, got pco, my thyroid slightly high, had a HSG done on Tuesday which hurt like a bitch but I don't even care as I just want a BFP so bad! Next step is for me to have an ultrasound to view my ovaries and then hopefully start on clomid.
Do any of you guys have any tips to what I should look out for or pesture my doctor for? My doc said that conceiving with a thyroid issue is dangerous but failed to explain why, anyone else have thyroid as well as pco?
I've not had a period since March so feeling overly crap as we can't even really try in the mean time. My last day 21 bloods showed I didn't ovulate but the HSG showed no blockages so I guess that's good. I hate feeling so down about friends who just get preg without even trying but I just want it so much too.
Baby dust to all x

charliedrinks26 Thu 13-Jun-13 18:43:14

Hi just smile sorry your feeling down its such a crappy journey but i find having others to talk/ask advice/vent its so helpful smile so welcome smile

Eurgh the hsg is horrible !!! I'm not a usually a wuss but I cried when I had mine done it was horrible! So good you be got it out the way and good news on it all being fine smile I can't offer any advice on thyroid as its not something I've got, but hopefully if you dr puts you on clomid you might start have

charliedrinks26 Thu 13-Jun-13 18:49:14

Argh stupid phone posted early!

Start ovulating and having a more regular period hopefully clomid will do that for you smile when's your app?

I'm on 3rd cycle of clomid I have pcos but have a period every month just always different lengths, clomid is regulating that for me, both cycles have been 29 days so far! Hoping for bfp this month but not too hopeful? Get my day 21 blood results tomo to find out if I'm ovulating - nervous but fingers massively crossed smile

How's everyone else! I'm off away for a long weekend with Dh and sister bro in law, niece and another couple then off to see robbie Williams in Manchester next week so lots of things to take my mind off everything and the dreaded 2ww!

Baby dust to all xxxxxsmilesmilesmile

JustWant1 Thu 13-Jun-13 22:25:01

Thanks for replying.
I'm still waiting for my appointment for my scan, I really hope it's not far away as this is the last thing I need doing until I get an appointment with the doctor for treatment. I don't think I can handle waiting anymore! Good luck for tomorrow!! Hope it goes really well for u x

Pipdini Sun 16-Jun-13 11:20:01

Hi just! Welcome. It's really difficult this isn't it? It just seems time is going past and past and everyone else is getting what we want so easily.
Exactly what Charlie says, at least clomid will hopefully regulate your cycles and hopefully get that bfp.

Charlie - have you had your results of dat 21?? I got mine and this month they were 46.3 (39.1 last month, first month of clomid, 21 previous month before starting clomid) seems to be moving in right direction, though I am now day 25 and don't think I'm going to get a bfp this month, but hoping that at least if af comes on day 28 as it did last month I can get going again and going to ask to go to 100mg. How are you feeling?? Any symptoms??

nicnic246 Mon 17-Jun-13 16:15:11

Hi all hope you don't mind another one joining in I'm sort of new on here although I did start coming on here 3 yrs ago when I was really down in the dumps on clomid and on 2 ww only to find I was pregnant with ds! But here I am coming towards the end of 2ww on my first lot of clomid 50mg this time round driving myself crazy! Good luck to all you ladies I know how negative you can feel first time round when your not sure it will ever work but stay positive and always try to have a back up plan. Do any of you live near kent as we use an affordable private health care that has been amazing for us it's called beneden heatlh care. They use to be just for people who worked for civil services but now I think anyone can go its worth looking up because there fertility clinic has been brilliant. They also take you on if you already have been diagnosed which alot of private health dont. im sure kent isn't there only hospital thinking about it so have a look. Baby dust to you all

charliedrinks26 Mon 17-Jun-13 18:24:22

Hi all been away all weekend with no Signal on phone!!!!

Didn't get my sodding results they where supposed to call me back on Friday - but never did !!! confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused Bloody hospital ill phone again tomo!!!!

Pip they're great results grin going in the right direction! I'm also not do hopeful tbh! But that's just years of bfn's! I've had bloating and cramps since (I think) I ovulated but its probs just clomid! Sore bbs for last few days but again not usual for me! And today I was watching a programme on tv (which wasn't that sad) and started uncontrollably crying!- which again is nothing out of the ordinary probs just af symptoms! But suppose we're both not out til she arrives smile fx'dgrin

Nic- welcome how's the 2ww been? Are you feeling positive?

Just want - I know his you feel but unfortunately this journey is all about waiting! Keep us posted! I've had internal ultra sound it's nothing to worry about at all grin

I feel pretty crap today tbh, off to see robbie Williams tomo and I don't Even want to go at the minute just wanna stay in bed all day sad hate feeling like this- my ex-best friend's little girl was one this weekend so had to endure a barrage of updates and photos on Facebook which doesn't help!

Sorry for moaning!!! Hope everyone's ok? baby dust to all xxxxxxxx

Sarahb8990 Mon 17-Jun-13 20:39:04

Hi all, welcome newbies!!!

Well I managed to speak to my specialist about everything and he is now agreing that i have to wait upto 6 months before i can go on the waiting list but i also got him to give me one last round of clomid - as I only had 5 and was ment to have 6- while I lose weight for my ovarian drilling op.
not hopeful it will work but at least it's something. I'm also going to see robbie Williams tomorrow and I think it will be a good distraction for me.

Hope everyone is ok.

ck11 Mon 17-Jun-13 22:34:37

Hi I'm new to this site, just looking for advice , we have been tttc baby no 2 for 2 years, my son is 7 I got pregnant on the first month of trying for him , but no luck this time! I've been started on clomid 100mg this will be my third cycle, I have no follow up at all, I was just given 6 month supply and sent away, is this normal practice? Also which days is everyone taking it, I was told to take it day 2-6 but my cycle is 32 days long and so far that hasn't changed, would I be better taking it later? Any ideas would be appreciated smile

FeatherFeather11 Tue 18-Jun-13 14:36:17

Hello all,

Just checking in. Had to disappear for a bit as was feeling very down after several friends announced their pregnancies. I just went into my shell (although am super happy for my friends). This has been he longest month ever! On cd30 now and still no af - not even getting pre-cramps although I'm much moodier than usual :-/ hmm...guess I just have to wait till af shows up to start round 4.

Ck11- I take mine days 2-6 too - a lot if women do. I'd just follow what your doc has suggested but maybe ask for monitoring - I just don't think clomid should be used without monitoring because I've read about lots of cases of OHS.

Sarah - great news you've been given one more round!

Charlie, pip - hope you're both well!

Baby dust dust dust dust to all

tryingforsolong Wed 19-Jun-13 11:26:35

Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can help put me out of my misery. In your experience, have you found that Clomid messes with your cycle?

I'm usually 27 days but now on 28 and no sign of AF. This is my first cycle on 50mg.

I'm not being monitored, GP just prescribed it for 3 months, first month on 50mg, 2nd on 100mg and 3rd on 150mg to see what happens!

maybemyrtle Wed 19-Jun-13 11:33:19

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not posted for ages. Just like feathers posted above, I've been feeling really fed up and didn't want to bring the thread down. So much positivity here grin

How was Robbie, charlie? Hope you had fun.

ck That does sound unusual - have you queried it? At least first month should be tracked (bloods and ultrasound). I get my prescription on a month by month basis. I'm on 50 - not sure my dr would trust me not to up my dose if she gave me 6 mths at once!! I'd be tempted...

So, I'm currently CD13, no idea if I took the clomid at the right time this month though - my "period" was 16 days of verrrrry light flow - no more than spotting really - and dark brown/black with clots. Over the 16 days I had 3 red spots so no clue when was CD1 to be honest! Feeling a bit frustrated about that - it's easy to work out when CD1 is when everything's working normally, but I'm on clomid because it's not working normally!! Urgh. Anyway.

Hope everyone's doing well & here's hoping for some BFPs on this thread this month smile xx

maybemyrtle Wed 19-Jun-13 11:34:59

Trying yes - it's extended my cycle every month by 5-7 days. Good luck smile

tryingforsolong Wed 19-Jun-13 13:41:36

thanks maybe I was really hopeful yesterday then realised the Clomid is probably causing a change in my cycle.

No news is good news though eh?!

How long do you think I should wait before I can get my hopes up again hmm

maybemyrtle Wed 19-Jun-13 14:33:14

Oh god, trying - sorry! Yes of course that could be good news, fingers firmly crossed for you smile See how you feel and what happens over the coming week or so. I really hope it's good news for you flowers

mazzie40 Wed 19-Jun-13 16:27:14

Hi ladies. Glad I found you smile. Hope your all well and hope we all get our bfp's soon!. I have no idea what cd I'm on as last cycle I had 5 days of brown spotting and 11 days of normal af flow. I stopped bleeding on the 31st of May. The fc have put me on 100mg next cycle if I don't get my bfp. I also can't believe how much weight I've pot on, thats 1 of the side effects so I read, so I' m wondering what the 100mg is gonna do lol. I'm praying I won't need it smile. Time will tell smile. Good luck ladies, and plenty of baby dust for us all!. X

Pipdini Wed 19-Jun-13 17:56:39

Hi everyone and welcome!! Clomid definitely does different things to people's cycles... Mine have gone to 28 days.... So I think af is iminent, but quite excited to just get going again as going to 100mg. Going to be really positive this month.... I say this every month!!

Charlie, I am still appalled they haven't given you your results. Are you 'shouting' loud enough??

Mazzie, good to see you back... I mean of course would be way better if you were pregnant, but you know what I mean!!

trying are you going to test?? You should!

Feather, maybe... I'm not even really sure if I'm happy for my friends that are pregnant! I mean of course I am and hope everything goes well, but I really don't need to hear anything about it!! Is that really bad....?!

Baby dust all round xxxxx

FeatherFeather11 Wed 19-Jun-13 20:22:26

Pip: Lol, I know what you mean. I just feel really put out about it all at he moment. Most recent friend that announced it was all like "we weren't even trying! I was on the pill!" - which really upset me because it made me think, "what he hell is wrong with me?!?" - and then I felt SO guilty about the problem being me and wondering whether my boyfriend should be with someone more fertile (he's been broody since we met 9 years ago) - basically, I've turned a bit nutty in the last week.

Ah, anyway - sorry for soiling this lovely thread with a moan and negativity! Won't happen again. Promise.

Charlie: you should have a massive go at hem about your results - ridiculous!

Maybe: my af has gone weird too. Was 4 days only last month. Clomid, I'm convinced, messes with it.

Trying: you should deffo test soon!

And Mazzie: I've put on loads too sad

Here's to BFPs all round and SOON!


charliedrinks26 Thu 20-Jun-13 07:46:23

Hi all smile sorry been away for 5 days so not been in much , I've not had chance to read everyone's posts yet so will do tonight after work just hoping everyone's ok!grin

I'm posting as I'm on day 28 (of 2 previous 29 day cycles) I've had period type cramps since I think I ov'd only few and far between but also been mega bloated aswell since, sore bbs now do sure af is on her way- but poas addict no hpts so did opk last night abd this morning both positive abd massively positive aswell I've never had such a dark line the line this morning is darker than control line!!!! WTF!!!! I have no hpts until tonight?! Is it poss to get lh surge before af?!!!! Arggghhh why did I do that!!! ????? I know i should t have done it but heyho!!!! Advice mucly needed !!!!! Xxxxx

tryingforsolong Thu 20-Jun-13 08:40:46

Still no sign for me but I am so bloated. It's not good. I feel terrible with it sad

I'm going to wait until Saturday I think. I can't get to the shops before then anyway, or believe me, I would have tested this morning!

I've also put some weight on, which I didn't realise could be a side effect of the constant pigging Clomid.

I really hope it's good news for you all soon

maybemyrtle Thu 20-Jun-13 09:53:34

Feather, re broody DP and thinking he'd be better with someone else, omg YES. I know that feeling. sad

Charlie don't know anything about opks but I'm confused too! Hope someone else can make sense of it. confused

Quick question for everyone: I have definitely gained weight since starting clomid and noticed others here saying that too. Is weight gain a known side effect of clomid, or does the clomid affect hormones and make me eat like a pig cause bloating? Not sure if I can blame the clomid or my gluttony!!

Have a good day everyone xx

charliedrinks26 Thu 20-Jun-13 10:36:46

Maybe I was on slimming world before stating clomid but stopped ( not sure why) when started clomid and I've packed it on!!!! I find I am eating like a pig!!!! Ha!!! Xxxx

charliedrinks26 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:05:06

Omg I just got a bfp!!!! On two preg tests!!!! different tests!!!!!!

mazzie40 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:26:38

Wahooo. Yeah smile)). Congrats hun smile)). X

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