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The clomid crew - part 3

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Pipdini Sun 09-Jun-13 14:45:16

I've started a new thread as we ran out of space!! Hope everyone find this...

Update from me: I'm on clomid cycle 2, 50ng day 2-6. Currently day 18. Last month my day 21 bloods were 39.1 which was up from 21 without clomid....

Feeling quite positive, but think that is only as I am mid cycle!!

FeatherFeather11 Sun 09-Jun-13 15:09:32

Hello! Just waiting for af to come and then I'm hitting up cycle 4, 100mg. Started on 50mg: nothing. Month 2: was upped to 100mg and apparently I had a 'beautiful response' - 3 follies and 21 day progesterone was at 85! But no BFP. Then month three: nothing! Bah!
Good luck on this cycle Pip! Impatient now to start my next cycle. Will update as and when that happens.

charliedrinks26 Sun 09-Jun-13 16:49:49

Yey smile found you smile just making my mark smile

Cd 18 here 3rd month on 100mg ttc#1 I have pcos and dh has low sperm count.

Cd 18 and still mega bloated! It went on cd 15 but returned cd 16 with avengence!

Baby dust everyone smile hi feather and pip smile xxxxxx

Pipdini Sun 09-Jun-13 17:23:01

Hi girls!!
Feather.... 85 is amazing!! Are they scanning you??

Charlie we are both day 18!! What was your day 21 progesterone? How long have your cycles been on clomid??

Baby dust all round xxx

maybemyrtle Sun 09-Jun-13 18:35:24

Woop! Found you all - thanks pip! smile

How's everyone doing? feather, "beautiful response" sounds brilliant, fx this month smile

Hope you're feeling better soon charlie

So I'm on clomid cycle 3, currently CD3 and starting 50mg again tonight. Will be days 3-7 this month. I'm not being monitored but I am BBT charting. I don't know how positive I'm feeling at the moment, I really want it to work but I was thinking earlier today if I could consider adoption...that sounds really negative doesn't it!! I'd never really thought about it before is all.

Anyone Clomid Crew fingers crossed that this is a good month for all of us xx flowers

FeatherFeather11 Sun 09-Jun-13 18:40:11

Hi Pip! Yes, they've scanned me every other day from around CD7. On round 2, when I had those three follies, thy gave m the hcg injection to induce OV too. Weirdly though, on round 3, they only asked me in for one scan - on CD12 - no follies and prog test on Friday proved no OV (5!). Today is CD21 for me.

Hi Charlie! The bloating is terrible, isn't it?! Sheesh!

Baby dust to you all! smile xxxx

maybemyrtle Sun 09-Jun-13 19:01:37

Doh. Anyway not anyone....

charliedrinks26 Sun 09-Jun-13 20:07:08

Feather it really is! This is the first cycle I've noticed it !!!

Pip!! I still don't have the results from day 21 progesterone from last cycle!!! It's proving to be a right bitch getting the bloody results!!! I'm back on wed for another day 21 so I have a good mind to just turn up at fertlity clinic whilst at hospital having bloods and say " right no one need give me them over the phone, I'm here in person just give me the bloody results!!!! "Ha! My cycles have both been 29 days since starting clomid, before they were anything from 28-51 days so I'm hoping its not just pure fluke that the last 2 were the same length , I'm going on the mantra that I'm ovulating as cycles are the same length !!! If only it were the case! I fear I may never know til I'm back at fc in September ( if I'm not preggas by then!!!)

Maybe smile hey it's not negative, I spoke to dh about adoption the other day, he was like why are we even talking about it, I said we have to consider everything it's something we said we would both consider, it's so hard not to think negatively all the time good luck on this cycle Hun smile fx for you smile

Hate the start if the 2ww !!! Pip how you feeling?! What are your cycles like? Xxxx

Pipdini Mon 10-Jun-13 17:48:35

I am in a fuming mood today!! Feel like I do just before af, but think maybe it could be the hormones, though now I am totally convinced this is another nothing month. Don't even know why, only day 19 so ludicrous to think this already!! For a ridiculous reason I just think if I was pregnant I would feel something already... I guess that is stupid right?? Must just be patient!! So fed up with everyone in world being pregnant!!
Quite proud of myself though as haven't checked Facebook for over 6 weeks.... No need to see everyone else's scans and baby announcements.... Apparently you can get an app that replaces everyone's baby pictures with pictures of cheese sandwiches!! Hahaha!!
My cycle last month was 28 days -
Before clomid was about 31, so I guess we'll see this month.... Got bloods on Wednesday.
2ww is so depressing...
Right rant over.... Positive thinking!! Everything is going to be good for all of us!!!
And Charlie I would definitely demand the results in person! Refuse to leave till they give them to you!!xxxxx

Floweroct Mon 10-Jun-13 19:10:24

I had my follicle tracking scan today and all went well. I've got three large follicles so now going between stressing I could end up with triplets and then that it won't work at all! Anyone else had three or more large follicles?

Sarahb8990 Mon 10-Jun-13 20:38:35

Well iv been for my appointment with my specialist today( ended up seeing on of his sidekicks).
Was told that my next step if my final round of clomid don't work is ovarian drilling, but I can't have that unless I lose a stone. Even tho when I last saw the man himself i was told that I needed to put weight on! (I'm still at the same weight) how does this work? I'm so annoyed coz iv now gotta lose weight and have to wait at least 6 months before I can even go on the waiting list for it :-(

Pipdini Mon 10-Jun-13 20:46:05

Yay!! You found us!!
Sarah - That is crazy, what weight do they want you to be? What is your bmi? Do you mean a six month weight after you have lost weight or once you have lost weight?
Flower - 3 is super exciting!! What day are you on? Are they giving you trigger shot??

charliedrinks26 Mon 10-Jun-13 20:54:44

Pip- being on day 19 myself I'm stupidly trying to convince myself that this is the month, I've had like period pain for the last few days along with bloating!!! ( never had this so early!) I know it's probs just my body reacting to the clomid ! This is gunner be the longest 2ww ever! I know in my heart of hearts it's probably nothing but just can't stop myself from having a little day dream to myself hmm I also have bloods on wed!
I finally got through to the consultants secretary today , she was a right bitch!!! I asked if there was anyway of getting the results she said " have you phoned gp" I said yes but they haven't been given the results, she then said " as I'm sure you appreciate if everyone phoned for their results I'D never get anything done!!!!" To which I replied "well I'm sure YOU can appreciate that this is quite a stressful time for me and all I want know is the results of a blood test so I know that the tablets are working and I'm not wasting the next few months!" So cutting the story short ive gotta phone back on Friday so they can give me the results of both bloods on Friday!!!!! Finally!!!! smile
Flower haha I know what you mean I'm worried about that too! I haven't had any follie tracking so can't say I know much about it Hun sowee smile what cd you on?

charliedrinks26 Mon 10-Jun-13 21:04:26

Sorry Sarah my stupid phone didnt show your comment, oh no sad thats really crap I'm so sorry sad how come you now have to wait another 6 months? X

Sarahb8990 Mon 10-Jun-13 22:49:16

Basically I have got 6 months to lose the weight or I can't have the the op. but also once I'm on the list (they won't put me on until iv lost it) it's another 6-12 months before I can have it done!

Sarahb8990 Mon 10-Jun-13 22:53:21

Sorry pip didnt see your message. My bmi is 30 and they want it 28. He turned round to me and said ideally in the next 6 months you would get down to my weight before I had my ds which is 7.5stone! Iv told him there is no way I'm doing that as I was so ill then ( the reason I was that thin was an eating disorder) and I'm not going back to that.
Hope everyone else is ok :-)

FeatherFeather11 Mon 10-Jun-13 22:59:29

Sarah, I think you should demand an appointment with the specialist, go in armed with questions, with your partner. His sidekick sounds like he has no idea and you're being told different things by different people, which isn't right.

Flower: 3 follies is great! I had three on my second month but no bfp unfortunately. Fingers crossed for you.

Charlie, Pip: sending baby dust your way!

On cycle day 22 now and just want af to hurry up and get here now. Keen to start cycle 4 as cycle three was so bust.


Floweroct Mon 10-Jun-13 23:10:10

I'm on cd13 today. No pip I'm not having a trigger shot so ill just have to see how it goes!

Sarah that's really rubbish about having such a wait!

Well done on getting them to agree to get your results Charlie - who'd have thought its so difficult to get your own test results!

Pipdini Tue 11-Jun-13 20:12:25

Sarah that is crazy. 30 is fine surely, and surely worse to be too thin and stressed because of that.
Feather are you staying on 100mg?? I'm going to go up next month if no bfp, my doc said if my prog was over 30 then stay at 50 mg, but I went to see zita west the other day and she said go up to 100mg.
Charlie, do you know what your prog levels were prior to clomid??

FeatherFeather11 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:33:06

Hey pip: I asked if they were upping me to 150mg for month 4 and the nurse said no and gave me 100mg prescription sad - said that because round two worked on 100, they'd keep me on it. I may ring them tomorrow to hussle for 150mg as month three was so crappy!
How was Zita West?! Been toying with the idea of making a appointment with her. Also, Dr Zhai at the Zhai Clinic - acupuncture and herbs - she's pricey though and there's a long waiting list apparently...her pregnancy rates are really impressive though.

Pipdini Tue 11-Jun-13 20:55:36

Do ask about 150mg. My doctor said that I could go up each month if my prog wasn't over 30, but as it was 39.1 last month I didn't, but think I will regardless this month. Zita just said I should ring and check with doctor.

Zita was really positive and said that from all the tests hsg etc that I had had that it looked like I just am not ovulating as I should be and that clomid looked like it was doing what it should. She told me to take a load more supplements and insotol (I think that is what it is called), keep up my acupuncture, and when I go back to doc at end of July if nothing has happened I should push for super ovulation, not just another clomid prescription. I mean she kind of told me what I already knew and charged me £200 for the privilege !! But quite pleased I went, I felt reassured I was on the right path!

So difficult to know what to do, it's such a lack of power over something... I guess we just have to find out and be as knowledgable as we can to keep some control smile

charliedrinks26 Tue 11-Jun-13 21:14:08

Pip no I don't know what my prog levels were before, I had loads of blood tests through gp and she told me I ovulated fine, then I got to the fc and he interpreted the tests as I didn't and that's when he told me I had pcos - this is what I have never understood, he said I don't ovulate ever on my own but I don't know how he can say that through the bloods I had ( I had one every week for a whole cycle, which was 5 weeks) I had internal ultrasound and he said there were no cysts on ovaries which is good and hsg was fine ( I'm no medical expert I know and I know he knows a damn sight more than me) I just don't know how he can say I don't ovulate ever from one set of bloods! So now I've been on this ttc journey a little longer abd getting know more about the "science" of things ie what tests are for what , what levels should be etc I'm armed with loads of questions when/if I go back in September! Wish id known more about clomid and tests before I'd have had loads more questions one bring what was the prog test result before clomid! Being on here I've learnt So much from just asking you all ! smile

Fx flower smile
Sarah def phone them up about the 150mg there's no harm in asking smile


FeatherFeather11 Tue 11-Jun-13 21:14:31

By 'super ovulation' did she mean injectables?

Yes, know what you mean about trying to retain some degree of control that's totally out of our control, but we'll get there in he end hopefully!

Hope everyone is well. Heard about yet another mate who's now pregnant today, and although I am happy for her, I have to say, I felt so irrationally jealous. Know it's ridiculous but couldn't help it. sad

charliedrinks26 Tue 11-Jun-13 21:15:32

Pip btw any twinges/symptoms? I'm majorly symptom Spotting <clutching at straws> !!!! Xxxx

LetsTryAgain8486 Wed 12-Jun-13 03:35:15

Hey All smile
I am currently cd 18. I agree that this damn 2ww is giving me an anxiety attack haha shock going to the vampires on sat for cd21 tests. Ahh! Im am feeling so positive/hopeful but so nervous at the same time. I have had weird feeling in my lower belly.. sometimes twinges, sometimes little aches and bloating, so I dont know if this is just symptoms of clomid (coz this is my first cycle on tabs) or WHAT?! We had good time with bd grin as I got positive ov test on cd13
All my fertility tests have great results & dh counts are fab.. so why havent I been able to fall for over 3 years. I really hope this works. I am not being monitored, just cd21 bloods.. I really wanna know what is going on!! hehe

What does follie tracking do?

Ideas? Suggestions appreciated wink

Baby dust to everyone

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