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Please help ... I need reassurance that this is or isn't normal!

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Luckystarfour Sun 09-Jun-13 07:53:22

I would completely agree with the previous comment. Drs are so frustrating with the watch and wait whilst doing nothing approach! I would insist on a referral to gyne and have your fertility checked otherwise when you do want t I start your family you could take it takes anther 2+ years from that point. Age makes a massive statistical difference in the success of IVF so most ladies would regret wasting time now If they could have investigated any problems sooner.

Take this in your own hands and find out what's going on with your body. :-)

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 06-Jun-13 13:07:25


I have had a not too dissimilar menstrual history to yours (and with stabby pains to boot); my diagnoses were PCOS and endometriosis. My periods alternated between being very light (due to PCOS) and very heavy and painful (due to endo).

Given your menstrual history I doubt very much that your periods will revert to anything like a normal cycle. GP should refer you as of now to a gynae to try and establish the exact cause of the heavy bleeding rather than just give you pills to try and stop it. You really do need to find the cause and find it soon. It is all too easy to be fobbed off.

I have read that Depo should only be given to women who have actually completed their families.

bloodynuisance Thu 06-Jun-13 12:58:54

Thanks for that smile DR was worried about how fast and heavy it was and that it seemed to be getting worse not better so has prescribed me 3x different tablets to stop the period immediately. unfortunately one of them uses an ingredient of Depo-Provera so I am back to square one but it is worth it to stop this bleeding.

doc has said I need to give it 3/6 month and see if I get into a normal period rhythm now as this could be the result of my hormones getting rebalanced and if still whacky cycle go back for proper testing to check on infertility etc.

I am in no rush to start TTC but do desperately want children in 2-3 years time so hopefully will be able to get a diagnosis sorted and get all my facts smile Due to my weight, dark patches of skin and amenorrhea I believe it will probably end in a PCOS diagnosis.

marriednotdead Thu 06-Jun-13 05:52:45

It sounds unnaturally heavy if you have had to change so many times during the night.

It may be normal for some people, but more importantly, it's NOT for you.

I would suggest that you make an appointment today to see your GP, or better still, the family planning clinic ASAP to discuss what is happening. They may want you to have a scan.

As an aside, if you are likely to want to TTC in the future, I would not put Depo at the top of your contraception choices as it suppresses ovulation.

bloodynuisance Thu 06-Jun-13 05:39:52

Hi. Never used this site before but a bit freaked out and hoping somebody can help to my mind at ease? I am going the docs for an emergency apt this morning but it's still 2.5 hours til I can book the apt!

Long story short - I have had about 10 periods in my life. 13th birthday, 13th Christmas, 14th birthday, 14th Christmas, 15th birthday, 15th Christmas, 16th birthday, 16th Christmas, Jan of the next year and then March of the next year. Had a blood test that didn't show anything odd. One month before turning 17 I went on Depo-Provera and even those non-monthlies stopped altogether. Came off Depo aged 18 for 12 months - no period. Went back on it when got back with ex just before 19th birthday and then came off it in February of 2012 aged 20.5 years.

Have used no hormonal birth control since then, so that's 16 months BC free so far - no periods. Have been with new partner 8 months. We use condoms but have had 3/4 accidents.

Periods that I did have as a teen were as follows. 7 days of really light bleeding during day, no bleeding at night at all. We're talking like 4 regular size tampons a day not being 100% full and 2/3 of the days just being spotting where only a pad was needed. VERY LIGHT!

Wake up at 7am yesterday to a literal gush of bright red, clumpy blood. Momentary panic, then figure it's just the return of my periods and my type could've changed since being 16. 7am yesterday to 1pm yesterday I ended up using 5 super-jumbo tampons and 1x pad - all ended up soaking, FULL and covered with stringy dark clots/tissue/stuff?

1pm - 6pm another 4 of the same super jumbo's full and a pad.

6pm - 11pm was 3 super jumbos full and a pad.

Between 11pm and now (5.30am) I have used 5 super jumbo tampons and 2 pads .... I managed to leak through a tampon and a pad to cause a right royal mess.

In the minutes it takes me to swap tampons stuff is just falling out of me into the toilet.

A girl in work recently had a MC and her description of what it was like made me buy a pregnancy test ... obviously during bleeding probably isn't optimal time to check, but it came back negative (it was a morrisons own brand if that makes a difference)

I am in pain in the abdomen/groin area but worse than I remember period pain being and sometimes it gets quite 'stabby'

Basically just while I am waiting to go the docs I am just wondering if A] Anybody has ever experienced a period like this? B] Is it normal sounding? C] does it sound like possibly more than a period to you?

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