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Help needed!!!

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Luckystarfour Sun 16-Jun-13 00:26:47

Hi serendipity I'm with Harley tweet fertilty clinic on Devonshire place right near healthy street.
They really are a lovely clinic and dr Venkat used to work at lister :-)

I take it you would have to donate through that clinic? Or could you choose another clinic and take your results with you?? Not sure if the clinics rules on such things! :-)

serendipity16 Sat 15-Jun-13 12:01:47


I'm currently waiting on my blood tests to come back to see if im ok to be a donor.
I'm with the Lister hospital in London.
It's been 4 weeks since my first appointment where i had a scan, counselling and lots of blood tests but i was told it can take up to 6 weeks for the blood tests to come back.

I am 5ft 4, medium build, medium/dark brown hair and have blue/brown eyes & i'm quite pale. I've had 6 children and i'm 33 years old so i'm aware that time is against me in regards to donating my eggs.

What clinic are you with?

Luckystarfour Sat 15-Jun-13 00:26:34

Hi all

Any other amazing ladies out there looking to become an egg donor?

We are hoping to our potential egg donors in contact with our clinic at the end of next week. If anyone would like to consider being matched, please please do get in contact and let us know . I can email you further about us and about the process involved as a donor. :-)
Thanks all - here's hoping we move one step closer to our miracle xx

Luckystarfour Thu 06-Jun-13 17:08:13

Thank you for reading my post kermit I've PMd you ;-)

kermit1701 Wed 05-Jun-13 22:29:11

Hi, I am considering egg donation. I am 21 5"6" brown hair brown eyes. And I live in Essex.

Luckystarfour Tue 04-Jun-13 07:47:51

Thanks purple rocket for PM me. I've emailed you :-)
Be good to hear from anyone who can help :-))

Luckystarfour Mon 03-Jun-13 21:07:36

I am wondering if there is a wonderful person out there who would consider donating eggs to myself and my husband? He and I are desperate to become parents. We have had 5 unsuccessful attempts at IVF;
4 x using our own egg and sperm - we had 1 positive outcome for 4 days then miscarried.
1 x using donor sperm

Until this recent cycle we were led to believe that we were just experiencing sperm factor difficulties, but using the latest embryoscopy method it showed that my eggs had caused genetically affected embryos even with the donor sperm.

I therefore know I’m unable to use my own eggs as we have now ticked pretty much every box in using our own egg and sperm and the continued negative outcomes are heartbreaking. We both feel strongly that the time has come to use donor eggs and donor sperm.

We are Midlands based and we are already with a lovely london clinic but we face a long wait now to join the donor waiting list. After 2.5 years of cycling and 5 failed rounds, we would so love to become parents sooner.

If there is anyone out there who would consider being our egg donor please PM me so I can put you in touch with the clinic with our unique code number to reference you back to us.

Im 5ft 8 slim-medium build, brown-green eyes, light brown long hair. Although we are mindful of whether we can gain a match to my features, this is not essentiall. We would welcome contact from any kind ladies. If anyone has had their family and has proven fertilty this would make our day as we are so keen to get that positive test result after all this time. We have our sperm donor already and he has proven fertilty, so all we need is an angel egg donor and we are set to go.

Given I have been through 5 cycles of egg collection I can happily talk anyone through the process of what to expect, in brief it usually takes 14 days of injecting stimulating menopur and cetrotide once a day. The egg collection takes 35 mins under general anesthetic and you are released the same day. You do not need to meet us, the clinic can make all arrangements if you prefer. Once collected you will have a normal period that same cycle and your job is then done :-)

Thank you so much in advance. This gift really would mean the world to us x

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