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Clomid, no follicles and feeling sad :( - and new to Mumsnet

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FeatherFeather11 Mon 03-Jun-13 16:04:13

Hello all,

Totally new to the site and hoping to hear what your thoughts/experiences are on Clomid.

Bit about me: 34, lost a Fallopian tube five years ago and I have pcos. After over a year of trying and all sorts of tests, I got put on 50mg three months ago - I didn't have any follies big enough and my progesterone was v low (3!) so they upped my dose to 100mg the second month - worked a charm - had three big follies and the fertility nurse decided to trigger with an injection. I didn't get pregnant but my progesterone was 83!

Thrilled to bits that it had worked, I recently went into round three thinking it would be fine, but I went to the hosp for my scan on Friday (CD12) and there was nothing there! Not a follicle in sight. The nurse said I may have ovulated on my own early or maybe it didn't work this month, but they won't know until after my progesterone blood test this Friday.

I feel so flat and sad and like its never going to happen. Trying to keep strong and not obsess too much, but I couldn't face going to work today and called in sick. Sorry for the long post, but does anyone have any advice or clomid experiences they could share to give me a bit of hope?

Leopardspots Tue 11-Jun-13 18:17:36

Thanks marzi. I'll mention the ovarian drilling then, good idea.

Like you say at least I'm moving forward. I just thought that clomid would do the trick so hadn't really prepared mentally for the 'next step'.

Thank you all for advice - sorry for hijacking feather! smile

FeatherFeather11 Tue 11-Jun-13 18:51:25

Not hijacking AT ALL! Hope you're feeling better today. xx

Leopardspots Tue 11-Jun-13 21:32:07

Thanks feather. Bit more positive today, just trying to de-stress and 'forget' about ttc until my appointment comes through. Fingers crossed it works and we get lucky so I don't need the lap lol! smile xx

FeatherFeather11 Thu 20-Jun-13 22:28:24

Leopard! Marzi! Just checking in on you two. Leopard: have you had your lap yet?
I'm on cycle day 33 - no sign of af and getting BFNs even if I just look at a hpt. Knew I was out this month though so no surprise.

Hope you're both well. xx

Leopardspots Fri 21-Jun-13 16:58:57

Hi feather. Sorry about your BFNs sad remember it's not over till af arrives!

Date came through for my lap, 12th September! Ages away. On the plus side I saw my diabetic consultant on Wed and he wants me to take a new drug that can significantly help with weight loss combined with the diabetes medication I'm already on. He's given me a couple of weeks to do my research then go back and see him.

He's also writing to my fertility consultant to suggest she does ovarian drilling during my lap to hopefully kick start ovaries without clomid.

Just a waiting game now x

FeatherFeather11 Fri 21-Jun-13 21:56:34

Well, September will be here before you know it - 9 weeks away! I know all the waiting is hard, but just use the next 9 weeks to feel great, do nice things and have fun. It's been so easy for me to forget to have fun during all this ttc stuff. It's gonna happen for us Leopard!

I finished work today and went to Whole Foods and spent a small fortune on vitamins and supplements, magnesium bath salts and a whole bunch of ridiculous things. Somehow it made me feel better - like I'm taking a tiny bit of control back. I just want bloody af to show up now!

Keep me posted on how you are and I'll do the same. smile xx

Leopardspots Sat 22-Jun-13 00:48:59

Thanks feather. Like you say if it makes you feel better it will hopefully have a positive effect. Think I might do the same, although I already rattle when I walk due to so many tablets lol! grin

I will use the time to hopefully shed some pounds & get in the best position I can for the next stage!

Good luck, I have everything crossed it will work for you soon smile

I'll keep you updated xx

Greengummi65 Mon 15-Jul-13 21:53:19

Hello. The name of this post couldnt be more fitting for how I am feeling right now. Just finished last round of clomid 250 w estradiol and progesterone gel. Me and my hubby decided a year ago that we would like to add a second child to our family. Sat got my flashing smiley face for 2 days and then this morning a solid smiley face using Clear Blue digital. Went for a follicle scan this morning and there are NO follicles on either ovary. All my dr could say was sorry. No further meds or appts. I should prob tell you Im 47 and hubby is 34. Feeling devestaed...

FeatherFeather11 Mon 15-Jul-13 22:43:12

Hi Green. So sorry to hear you're having a hard time right now. There really is nothing more heartbreaking than this infertility business. BUT, the thing you should keep in mind is that Clomid is usually the first stop in treatment and there are lots of other things than can be tried: Injectables (really worth asking about if you had other successful Clmid rounds), IUI and IVF to name a few. I hope you don't think I'm being dismissive of your situation. Just trying to give you hope and to say that there is much more that can be done. I've recently read about Dr Zhai - google her and have a look at her success rate. Might be worth looking to it?
Anyway, hope you're feeling happier soon and know that you're not alone in all this. There are literally thousands of us in a similar canoe. xxx

vibra Mon 22-Jul-13 20:01:33

helo all,

I have just finished the clomid course but unfortunately it has not worked for me. and I am referred to ivf which is very expensive for us. I am so down and stressed.

candyqueen89 Thu 25-Jul-13 16:36:28

Hiya ladies was wondering if u may b able to give some advice. I am on my first month of clomid and i have ovulated thus month but ovulated on my 20th day is there still chance i could get pregnant even thou my cycle is 28days thanks

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