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Clomid therapy

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Kimbob1986 Fri 31-May-13 13:34:53

Hi everyone, I have just began my first cycle of Clomid. My husband and I have been actively trying for 3.5 years with no success at all and I have never in fallen pregnant. So far the scan/ovulation tests have been very positive. I am really trying not to get my hopes up but I am showing a lot of the typical pregnancy signs (nausea, dizziness, mood swings etc). I will be doing a test on Wednesday. I was just wondering if anyone had experienced these types of symptoms on Clomid without being pregnant? Thank you and good luck to everyone else who are going through this.

marzipanned Sat 01-Jun-13 15:24:42

Hi kimbob,
I've had about 6 rounds of clomid now and have experienced very varying symptoms throughout - crazy mood swings, odd dreams, sore boobs, etc, etc, etc - with no pregnancies.
I think you must resist the urge to symptom spot, or you'll drive yourself mad. I really do hope that you get your BFP on Wednesday, but don't lose faith just yet if you don't - you're still in the very early stages of treatment and there's so much more that can be done for you!
All the best.

Kimbob1986 Tue 11-Jun-13 02:45:03

Unfortunately, I started my period :-(. Fingers crossed for next month!! X

annemarie2 Mon 01-Jul-13 18:42:59

just looking for a bit of advice here pleasesmile

Im 23, been with my sweetheart since we were 15 and had always been very careful ( alot of my friend were teen mums) I had the IUD fitted in '09 but did not get on with it at all. It was removed the following year due to no end of problems which i thought was caused by the device but was infact PCOS.

I never used to have periods, 2x a year tops, none when on contraception. Since being diagnosed my mind is on overdrive with the fact that this could be an easy roadsad the same week we were told of my PCOS we had two baby announcements from my boyfriends side, one twins! which of course was lovley news but still put me under a dark cloud for some time. Our families are very supportive and are probably more anxious than us lol.
We have an appointment in Sept to begin CLOMID and explore any other options, I am very broody and adore all the little people in my life. Boyfriend will be a wonderful dad but I cant help but think "would i be a mum at his age if i didnt know it may/may not be difficult??"
We have been unprotected since june 2011 btw with nothing to report.

I guess my question is do you think i should hop aboard the baby train now whilst im still young or wait untill im more financially secure and perhaps risk further fertility issues??

Thankyou for reading, id appreciate annyy feedback! ( this is my first forum and post! ) xxx

Kimbob1986 Thu 04-Jul-13 11:52:15

It is a really difficult situation. I believe that you can never have a baby at the right time. I think that you always just cope especially when you have a great support network around you and a great partner.

I am in my second round of Clomid and am keeping my hopes up. You have to remember that even if it does not work there is always so much more that can be done.

Wishing you the best of luck xxxx

MrsG511 Sat 13-Jul-13 02:46:10

Hello Ladies,

I'm new to mumsnet. I just finished my first round of clomid this past Wednesday. I should ovulate anywhere between now and next week. I'm nervous because the right side ovary hurts badly. It started today and has been going on all day. The pain is very sharp and lasts for about a minute. I read this can be normal. My husband and I just recently have been ttc actively although over the last three years we've been having unprotected sex regularly with no pregnancy. I've always had a regular period and believe to ovulate regularly before clomid although I can't be 100% certain. Hoping this works, we will see.. Best of luck to all xxx

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