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The last chapter in the book ......

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Luckystarfour Fri 31-May-13 10:53:19

Hi all - I wonder if others might be able to share their experience of locating an egg donor. My hubby and I are desperate to become parents. We have had 5 unsuccessful attempts at IVF;

4 x using our own egg and sperm - we had 1 positive outcome for 4 days then miscarried.
1 x using donor sperm

Until this recent cycle we were led to believe that we were just experiencing sperm factor difficulties, but using the latest embryoscopy method it showed that my eggs had caused genetically affected embryos even with the donor sperm.

I therefore know I?m unable to use my own eggs as we have now ticked pretty much every box in using our own egg and sperm and the continued negative outcomes are heartbreaking. We both feel strongly that the time has come to use donor eggs and donor sperm. This really is the final chapter in our IVF journey - we really do seem to 'have the t shirt' for most procedures testing to help us achieve our dream.

We are Midlands based and we are already with a lovely london clinic but we face a long wait now to join the donor waiting list. After 2.5 years of cycling and 5 failed rounds, we would so love to become parents sooner.

I wonder if others would share their stories about how they found their egg donor. My close friend Pocket had wonderful success on this site and had 20 wonderful ladies come forward and offer to help. Pocket is now 35+5 weeks and expecting her miracle daughter very soon with one of these donors :-)

MN moderators have now decided you can no longer call for donors as I might be a clinic, rather than a genuine lady looking for help.

This is so disappointing as I really had hoped we would be able to follow in Pockets footsteps. Apologies to those who responded to my thread and who I never had chance to respond to, before it was removed.

Sadly Pocket's thread now has been removed to - which is such as shame as Im sure many of you were following her progress.

If you feel you have experiences to share or are interested in reading more please do PM me, I have also been able to post on FF - see the link below

Still smiling at least and we intend to battle on. We wont stop believing this could happen for us.


Luckystarfour Fri 31-May-13 22:49:19

Any ladies out there who could offer their advice on how they found their egg donor? We have approximately 4 weeks to seek out our own (well at least make the first steps)

Anyone who can help us, we would love to hear from you by PM

Thanks xx

BlindKitty Sun 02-Jun-13 10:02:02

Afraid I don't know how to help but might be worth posting this in the conception forum as I know a few regular usershave used donor eggs. I'd prob consider one of those egg sharing programmes if dh wasn't so against it. Although after 2 years of ttc I'm guessing my eggs won't be much cop anyway! Really hope you find a donor. Best if luck to you xxx

Manda472 Sun 02-Jun-13 10:22:44

Would you consider going abroad? We did, mainly due to cost but also because of the quickness of everything. We had our initial appt at the end of that feb and I got my BFP in the July

Manda472 Sun 02-Jun-13 10:23:23

If you read through my last few poss it's all there hmm xx

Luckystarfour Sun 02-Jun-13 16:46:03

blindkitty thank you ill take a look over there too.

manda472 thank you - although we haven't ruled it out, we are hoping to stay with our lovely clinic as they have been brilliant. We are hopeful that since friends have found local uk donors we will follow their successfully stories which will allow us to remain in the uk and try for our baby as soon as possible. August is feasible if we can identify donors in the next week or so. If anyone knows of any one who might consider offering this precious gift - please do ask them to PM me or use our thread on FF


Luckystarfour Tue 04-Jun-13 07:34:44

Just looked into the two donor companies this morning altruist and new life. Can't believe how much they want to charge £2100 just for helping you find the donor! Our clinic would only change. £500.00 its so sad when you have thy reinforced message that IVF is such a huge money making business based on couples sadness and desire for a child.

We my well have to go down this route. But I there is anyone out there considering donation who is looking for a genuine couple to provide this greatest gift to, please PM me, we would love to hear from you. X

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