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I couldn't be....could I???

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bouncingbelle Mon 03-Jun-13 00:15:10

Thank you, it's just crushing-found out it hadn't worked the same day yet another relative had a baby sad people who have met, married nd now had a baby in the amount of time we,ve been trying!

Still, ding ding, round 2! I reacted well to the drugs, that has to be a good thing!

EeyoreIsh Sat 01-Jun-13 18:50:53

Oh bouncing, sorry to hear that you're not pregnant sad the disappointment is awful, isn't it.

I hope you fall pregnant soon [hugs]

Coconutty Sat 01-Jun-13 13:01:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bouncingbelle Sat 01-Jun-13 12:57:46

I'm not....hmm So mad at myself for getting my hopes up.

Andcake Fri 31-May-13 09:03:52

Fingers crossed for you. Hope it has x

bouncingbelle Fri 31-May-13 00:24:30

Coming to the end of my first cycle of clomid. Was scanned on day 12 and a 16mm follicle was seen, had day 21 blood test (actually done on day 22) and clinic called me to say my progesterone level was really high and could I have the test repeated, which I did. Get the results tomorrow. Have been feeling sick for the past 2 weeks and its not stopping. As of last night getting some brown and pale pink blood when I wipe after going for a pee (sorry, tmi!). I'm now on day 25 of cycle, you don't think it could actually have worked do you.....?????! I'm feeling really really out of sorts, exhausted, etc but appreciate that could be the clomid......

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