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trying to cope

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hopetobeamum Thu 30-May-13 12:19:21


I'm 26 and DH 30 been trying for 7 months and no hope.

hears my story: I have very irregular cycles. I have AF for 18-20 days and 12-10 days between each. I have been tested for everything over a year of blood test after blood test, i was diagnosed with hypothyroid (underactive) and been taking medication since nov last year. I had a D&C in january and nothing but a slightly thick endo and small ovarian cyst on the left that they describe as hormonal. so its been a year going through constant testing and i finally got some sort of an answer for why I haven't ovulated the past few months (OPK testing) and why my AF is crazy irregular. My doc said i have raised prolactin levels so i have had more tests done and awaiting the results. Sorry this is so long but im so upset all the time, It's hard to be around my friends who are pregnant and i can't talk to my DH without breaking down. Has anyone gone through the same problem and had a BFP after lowering their PL levels or have you had to go on clomid, cause I've read that some people have had no success because of their high levels and eventually ended up going through IVF

Carolra Thu 30-May-13 12:25:23

I didn't want to read an run HopeToBe... but I don't really have any advice or good news stories. Have a look at the Fertility Friends forum - there are a lot of ladies on there with lots of fertility issues and you'll be more likely to find someone in the same position.

I hope you get some good news from your test results. All the best xx

EeyoreIsh Sat 01-Jun-13 18:54:50

hopetobe I'm really sorry to hear of the problems you've been having trying to conceive.

It is totally normal to be devastated and unable to cope with others getting pregnant or being around babies.

At times during my infertility I've felt crushing sorrow and pain. And frustration trying to work out what is going on with my body!

Have you got a good consultant/clinic whose opinion you can trust?

hopetobeamum Mon 10-Jun-13 05:33:24

Hi EeyoreIsh,

I'm not sure who to trust in regards to clinics/Drs. I have my GP shes wonderful but shes honest in telling me shes no specialist in this field, so I was referred to the hospital family clinic and they done a D&C and other tests. They didn't really help me at all. So this new doc I've got now hes at least checked all my blood work. All BW came back very healthy except slightly high prolactin levels, and low white blood cell count. I get my results tomorrow i hope and Hes written me a referral to a fertility clinic. Its so hard cause its not only stopping me from having a baby but its stopping my DH and I from being intimate all together. I feel like im failing as a woman. I've had AF now for 24 days and it seems to not want to go away.
Thanks for listening, i feel comforted talking to people in my situation cause my fiends just tell me to stop stressing and it will happen, but they have no idea of all the problems i have.

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