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Strange period after failed IVF?

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QTPie Mon 27-May-13 12:00:13

Anyone have experience of this?

My IVF cycle failed last month (25th April): massive period and BFN to rule out ectopic.

This cycle has been funny: kept thinking AF would be early - very grumpy (but that may have been stress from the failed IVF). AF arrived 1 day late (normally 29 day cycle) on Sat 25th May. Phoned clinic to start new cycle.

However past couple of days the bleeding has been very light (a little on a towel and when i wipe) and just brown and no cramps. Is this quite normal for the first cycle after IVF? Can I expect a "full flow" AF round the corner? Will this effect the timing of my next IVF cycle? Am I effectively only "spotting" and haven't got to CD1 yet?


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