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my dp is having a hernia repair.. might it leave him infertile :-(

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EvilEdna2909 Mon 20-May-13 22:10:35

My dp has just found that he has an inguinal hernia on his left side of his groin. Its a common operation and low risk but there is a possibility that it could affect his sperm tubes and the actual mesh used to cove ther hole also has is known to cause infertility. I am destroyed as my dp has kids with someone else and now the thought that he cant give me any is heart breaking im losing my mind amd feel like im breaking down

Fairypants Tue 21-May-13 18:35:15

I've just looked this up as my DH had this operation 11 yrs ago and we are currently ttc. From what I've seen, it looks like the chances of fertility problems are less than 1%, does that match what you've been told?

EvilEdna2909 Tue 21-May-13 21:51:07

ive searched all over the internet and there was a survey out of 8500 men 656 had hernia repairs but it says they don't know if they were infertile before. But also ive been looking through forums and that and seems there is people who have had hernia surgeries in their teens and then later on try to conceive and cant but again theres no saying they weren't infertile or low sperm count before. How long have u been trying ?

Fairypants Tue 21-May-13 23:06:41

I'm only on my second cycle so no suggestion of a problem. I guess only time will tell but I really think there is only a small chance of either my dh or your dp having any problems so there's no need to give up hope quite yet.

EvilEdna2909 Thu 23-May-13 09:53:37

Im trying not to worry well not to think about it..let me know if you do/don't get pregnant cos then ill have to start worrying lol

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