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Ultrasound scan for endo not what I wanted to hear

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TigerseyeMum Wed 01-May-13 16:01:54

I wondered if anyone else had been in a similar position- I've posted on here before about being almost 40, ttc for 3 years now, longstanding history of severe endometriosis.

I'm having a lap and dye in 5 months but may get bumped up the waiting list, my scan today showed my ovary to be totally (almost) enclosed in mh bowel through scar tissue sad

It's been a mess before, the other ovary is fine. I'm just really worried in case bowel endo surgery is more complicated, and I wonder if we should continue ttc in case of risk of ectopic or rupture?

You know it's bad news when the sonographer asks you if they removed your ovary at your last operation, erm, no, they freed it from scar tissue and removed a giant cyst.

My other ovary is normal but I never get ovulation pains on that side do no idea if it's functioning.

Anyone else had an ovary stuck to a bowel before? Any advice?

Just really sad and worried sad

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