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does your PCT fund investigations for secondary infertility?

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omama Wed 01-May-13 15:24:49

Been ttc dc#2 for 15 cycles now. Conceived ds naturally with no problems first time around so no idea why taking so long. Had initial day 2/21 blood tests done at gp's, fsh/lh came back normal but progesterone was <1. Also had my thyroid tested as i've gained a lot of weight lately yhat i'm struggling to lose, have dry cracked skin, carpal tunnel, joint pain & various other symptoms but tsh came back as 0.7 so apparently normal, although they didnt test t3 or free t4 & took no interest in the symptoms. Dh's SA came back normal.

Gp is going to refer us to gynae but has basically said that because there is nothing medically wrong with us & we already have a child, the pct are unlikely to fund even the investigations & will most probably block the referral unless he lies on the form & says i'm having menstrual issues. I've rung & checked with the pct & they confirmed what my gp said, there is no funding for investigations in this area.

I actually broke down in tears on the phone because i had no idea, esp after reading on here how many women get a referral & have the tests eg HSG so they can at least find out if there is something medically wrong or if its unexplained fertility. I know we wouldn't qualify for free treatment & that is perfectly understandable as it should rightly go to those who don't have any children yet, but i feel like surely we should be able to know for certain if there is a medical issue or not.

What if my previous c-section has caused internal scarring & that is preventing us from conceiving. What if i'm not ovulating or if my progesterone levels are insufficiently high enough to sustain pregnancy? Tough - because i already have one child. I don't mean that to sound ungrateful, i know i am so so lucky to have ds, he means the world to me, but i had always envisaged having another & its heartbreaking to think it may never happen.

Is this peculiar to our pct or is this happening all over the country?

How do we move forward? sad

Hoophopes Wed 01-May-13 19:14:13

My PCT funds initial investigations, which is what you have already had.... SA, bloods etc.

Nothing else funded here. But then my PCT doesn't fund much fertility treatment for people with no children either, as it varies everywhere.

Totally hear you, am desperate for number two also and am near 40, sigh!

givemeaclue Thu 02-May-13 11:57:37

If you have medial insurance, eg through your employer, then some do cover investigations even though they don't fund actual treatment.

Worth exploring if you or your partner have cover

omama Thu 02-May-13 15:47:58

Hoophopes - it sucks how its such a postcode lottery doesn't it.

Givemeaclue - we both have private medical cover but i'd assumed this wouldn't be covered. I'll def check it out if needed.

Had some better news today. Since i posted yest, the lady i spoke to at the pct emailed me to say after checking out the trust's policy in more detail, turns out she was wrong. i def dont qualify for ivf treatment but it does look like i should be eligible for secondary care ie further investigations & possible hormone treatment. Yay!!!

Also turns out gp have mucked up & were referring me for infertility treatment not investigations (how on earth they think i can be referred for ivf when i havent even had any tests to find out if anything is wrong or if ivf is even needed is beyond me). Needless to say, the eligibility criteria which gp said i didnt meet dont even apply. If i hadnt checked first with pct they'd have sent the forms in & of course i'd have been immediately rejected.

As of this morning i now have an appointment at gynae dept of local hospital & after one cockup too many i will be changing doctors.

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