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Pain post ICSI ET?

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QTPie Fri 19-Apr-13 13:18:10

Help. Feeling truly miserable.

Had ET yesterday and woke up this morning in quite a lot of pain (felt fine yesterday, some soreness of the ovaries - although not requiring pain relief - the previous days since Monday's EC).

Can't stand up straight, can't like down, have to not breath deeply (diaphragm hurts if I do), hurts to walk or more my arms much, pain is throughout the abdomin (from the publicity bone to up under my ribs, including up to the breast bone), can't twist (getting out of bed is rough). Just about passable to sit in bed propped up with pillows and not moving... Burping quite a bit and the occasional isolated "hiccup" type reflex - both hurt. Whole abdomin is very tender (again from pubic bone to breast bone).

No other obvious OHSS symptoms: no naussea, no vomiting, no massively obviously bloating or weight gain (infact I lost 6lbs between EC and ET - despite drinking litres and litres...). I am weeing lots.

Am drinking lots, although still feel thirsty. Am having paracetamol and codeine (only had 30mg so far this morning): they are not touching the pain sad

Phoned the "IVF doctor on call" at 7.15 this morning and the IVF nurses at about 9am. Their only advice is drinking and the pain relief (both of which I am doing). They do not want to see me unless I am (quote) "writhing around in agony". I am not, but am in quite considerable pain if I move (do anything other than stay still - although cannot sleep, since I cannot get comfortable). Think that the pain is getting slowly worse, but so hard to tell (pain is so subjective and hard to measure...).

All the OHSS material (including that circulated by the clinic) say that OHSS is much much better if caught early, but my clinic do not seem vaguely interested in my symptoms (do not want to check me over). Maybe they are only interested in catching it before the trigger shot or if it turns severe (but not worried about managing moderate OHSS unless it turns severe)? Maybe because all they can do is monitor me, hydrate me and manage my pain (the latter would be very welcome right now!)

Want some pain relief and maybe a little reassurance.

Devilforasideboard Fri 19-Apr-13 13:26:46

If the maximum doses of painkillers aren't touching the pain and the clinic docs are ignoring you I'd be inclined to head to A&E myself. Hope you feel better soon.

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