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Not ovulating - what's next?

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hypnotisingchickens Fri 19-Apr-13 08:31:26

I went to the docs last week as we are ttc dc2 after a mc last year.

Had some blood tests done, and had results over the phone yesterday. The doctor wasn't my usual doc and not very clear, but said that two hormones that stimulate egg production were higher than normal, but that my oestrogen levels are very low, which suggest I'm not ovulating. I've been using a cbfm which has given peak readings every cycle, but is obviously just detecting LH, and sounds like no egg is being released. hmm

Docs have referred me for an ultrasound to look at my uterus, and to gynecology to discuss the test results, but made it very clear that because we already have DS, we are not entitled to any NHS help.

We will find a way to pay for treatment if we need to, but does anyone out there have experience of this who might be able to tell me what treatments might be next for us?

YorkshireTeaDrinker Fri 19-Apr-13 22:23:39

Can't tell you what will happen next as I haven't done it yet. But I am in a similar position. We are TtC #2 and have just been referred to fertility clinic. Got my results today, which show I am ovulating, and DH sperm count is normal, so good news there, but I am on cycle 19 without success.

With secondary infertility, you don't get NHS funding for treatment, but you should get a referral for further investigations. I want to at least find out if there is anything in particular causing the problem and then make a decision about what we feel we can realistically afford to invest in treatment.

I would expect for you, as you are not ovulating, that you will be offered clomid, which is available on prescription without restriction, to stimulate ovulation. Next step is usually IUI (cheapest treatment, that is probably as far as we will go) then IVF. But the treatment pathway varies, depending on the underlying reasons for infertility.

OpheliasWeepingWillow Mon 17-Jun-13 14:00:00

How old are you?

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