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Confused?! Need more info.

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JadeMarie92 Sat 13-Apr-13 00:12:51

Hi i was diagnosed with PCOS about 1yr ago. Been TTC for 2-3 years, i was referred to a gyne and we had general chat and i went back 6months later, not much help as same info was said and no medication or anythig was given i was just told if i dont concieve in a year go back to the doctors!! Mind i dont think my age much of a help as im only 20 they don't seem to want to help me out much?! I was just wondering if your doctors can prescribe you clomid? As i would like to try it but my gyne seems to be useless so i dont want to be referred again!!! And as of my age can i ask for a dye test to be made? I have had an internal scan if they would pick up any other problems from that?? Its just stressful as anyone knows with PCOS i just need more info as i dont know a lot ?? Thanks for reading guys x

Hoophopes Sat 13-Apr-13 17:18:28

Hi NHS guidelines state assisted conception for those aged over 23 if I remember correctly (used to be 23-39 but not up to 42) so perhaps the gynae appeared uselesss as they cannot treat with medication due to your age on the NHS.

Queenofknickers Sat 13-Apr-13 18:43:36

Try going back and asking for metformin - it is used for several different PCOS symptoms as well as to help conception. I had fertility treatment for ages but within 2 weeks on metformin I was pregnant. I'm not ttc now but was offered metformin to help with other PCOS symptoms (hairy!) so it's worth a try grin

JadeMarie92 Sun 14-Apr-13 00:27:03

Yeah hoophopes i thought my age wasnt on my side, thanks for that! queenofknickers is your doctor able to give you that? I also have the hairy side effect which is pretty depressing?!

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