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pregnant naturally when have both been told no chances of conceiving with out ICSI IVF

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JBridgman Fri 05-Apr-13 13:15:43

I dont want to upset anyone or anything and im so sorry if I do but I also dont think the ladies in the normal pregnancy boards will quite understand as much and I still feel infertile. I just keep waiting to be told irs all not real

Ok I just want to know if others have had this happen? Feel like one of the many stories that iv bern told to make me feel better that don't work. I am a bit confused worried and most of all excited but trying not to be as still early days. any advice or similar experiences please do say I feel a bit lost to be honest.
My story il try to be as quick as possible.
Sept 2009 I missed my period at day 60 and several tests (all negative) I went to the Dr she told me the chances are I had a early miscarriage.
After a month of realisation and tears we desided to TTC.
In June 2010 I was rushed to hospital to have a large cyst removed from my right overy. My drs then got us fast tracked on to the fertility clinic.
After talking to them about September 09 they said the cyst could have made me miss my period and chances are as I had no bleed no positive and no pain I had not miscarried.
my other half was tested and told his sperm were fine so we tried several clomfine cycals resulting in my right overy doing nothing. in July 2011 I had a laparoscopy. This lead to being told my tubes Were both blocked by endometriosis and it was everywere else as well. I had only just turned 22 and needed IVF I could not have funding untill I was 23 a whole year away.
In September I developed a pain that was so bad I lost my job and my social life this was the endometriosis. I was given tablets that made me so sick and didn't work. In Feb I came off and spoke to a new dr who offered me a injection that would do a similar thing to the tablets but he also didn't recommend it due to the reaction to the tablets and this would be more intense and last 3 months. My other options were get pregnant or live with it id lasted the last 7 months why not more so with doing pretty much nothing and taking morphine I could cope.
Aug 2012 finaly went back for IVF was 233lbs and 5'10" had to get my bmi below 30 so back again in Dec id got down to 198lbs and bmi of 27 this was really hard as I couldn't exercise due to pain.
So my husband had his tests redone and they came back at 0% were the right shape. I said " I thoght he was fine" turns out his % in the first test was only 8% but they thought that would be fine. A 3rd test showed 0% again so icsi ivf was the only way to go we were told on 14/02/13 that we had no chance of conciving naturally either of us. Weirdly this made me feel better. It wasn't my fault any more we were both as broken as each other. So I had day one on my period on 15/02/13 this was a forced period with norathistarone. Due to being late and having a negative test. On mach 15th we were meant to start cycle to start injections for ivf. I did a test it was negative. Had to wait a week before doing another test to take norathistarone again. I think that day will stat with me for ever. On the 22/03/13 I got up did my test it was faintly positive id never had anything like it before so did another one different make. Again faint line by this point I had freeked out I had lost control id known what was happening this faint line had thrown me out compleatly. Went to the drs she couldn't get blood after 4 attempts she did another urine test and again it was faint but there. She sent me away and I had to do another test Mon. I did 9 tests between the Fri and Tues when I got the results from the drs that it was positive. After talking to several departments I got a scan yesterday and it looks like im 5-6 weeks not the 7 calculated. Sorry so long winded

alexw Fri 05-Apr-13 13:28:24

Congratulations! It happened to us too with dd1 following years of ttc. Do take it easy for a while. smile

bonzo77 Fri 05-Apr-13 13:43:43

Amazing. So amazing. I've not had it as bad as you, but did have some trouble ttc and a mc, so have some idea. My fingers are crossed for a lovely cuddly baby for you. X

Andcake Fri 05-Apr-13 19:56:12

Congratulations- I was told I had a 1% chance both naturally and with ivf of conceiving. Told to use donor eggs-I then randomly started conceiving naturally had a few mc and finally a little boy who stayed the distance. I was on tender hooks throughout the whole pregnancy and am probably so precious with 7 mo ds it probably winds everyone up. I followed every single guideline as I was just so amazed. Good luck it's amazing but for some of us miracles do happen. I lurk these boards as I have a vague dream of a second miracle - I'm either mad or greedy.
Take every step as it comes and when it gets to meeting midwifes etc explain what a miracle it is. I was treated as high risk and had a consultant who was basically this is such a miracle we need to do everything possible to make sure ths baby comes out safely. It also ensured I got extra care at scans and things as I was scared of something being wrong and bursting my dream.
Take each day as it comes

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