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Un anwered questions anout TTC

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hopetobeamum Sat 30-Mar-13 09:35:09

Hi, I'm nearly 26 years old and have had period problems for a couple of years. a year ago i seen a doctor and was put on 75mg of thyroxine because my thyroid has been under active for a while now. I had a hysteroscopy about 8 weeks ago because i am still bleeding all the time, just to find out whats going on. My results: My iron levels are back on track, My thyroid levels are back to normal my biopsy came back and nothing wrong but a small cyst on my left ovary that they say is just hormonal and will fix itself. But they did say I had this tentical like thing from one side of my uterus to the other and they dont know what it is and whether its contributing to my long periods (20days) and spotting in between. They said I can TTC and come and see them in a year if nothing happens. That was all i got and sent on my way. What am i meant to do with that. I haven't stopped my period and spotting since. So i guess my question is goes anyone know anything different and how am I suppose to TTC if the bleeding wont go away and nothing is apparently wrong with me? please help

eggsaplenty Sat 30-Mar-13 13:54:53

that sounds tricky!!
i would go back to doctors and make sure you get an answer

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