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When to start trying again after a miscarriage?

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Teachercreature Mon 25-Mar-13 16:18:59

Mon26 so sorry to hear of your experiences (read your other post too) - my heart goes out to you. I'm not a huge expert myself (I was on clomid briefly and it made me very emotional) but I do know several other people who have tried a great many times and eventually ended up with healthy children (in once case, two!) So don't give up yet.

Also, re waiting - I was advised that medically you can start again fairly soon, but that it can be a good idea to take a longer rest more for your own wellbeing and emotional readiness. I know that seems counterproductive when you are so wanting to be pregnant but the miscarriages are very hard on you in many ways. Talking to a fertility expert sounds grand - I'd also recommend a good stress counsellor, and maybe acupuncture or reflexology, just to help you cope with these dark days. Others will no doubt be able to fill you in more on all the details re hormones and methods which worked etc - wishing you the very very best of luck!

Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 13:24:17

When have you tried again after a miscarriage? Some doctors say you need to let some months passed, some others say that you can start right ahead,... but what have your experience been?


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