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4th Miscarriage where to now?

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Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 13:02:09

Hello ladies, I am starting my 4th miscarriage (last one beginning of January 2013).

This past month I had a Monitored Cycle and I got pregnant. As soon as I knew I was pregnant the dr of the scan center prescribed progesterone (Cyclogest). And I have been taking it as prescribed, morning and evening and still last week I lost all symptoms and before making it to the 6th week I have miscarried again.

My questions are multiple. I just saw the scan practitioner this morning since the DR is on vacation and he advised me to stop taking the progesterone and that I will start bleeding (I already know what happens next with all the bleeding) he also said that I might be having some other underlying issues other than the progesterone problem.. and that I should see an infertility expert. I almost collapsed, all sounds very complicated and I don't even know where to start.

In January I was referred to an infertility NHS clinic at Westminster/Chelsea hospital, which actually is for the 9th of April. And I have an appointment with the private doctor who will be back on the 8th of April... just to summarize the findings of the monitored cycle et cetera.

But as weak as I feel today, and so dark as I see it today, I just don't really know what is next? everything about hormones, clomid, baby aspirin, chromosome problems... many of you sound very versed on it, but it sounds like a foreign language to me. Is there hope after 4 miscarriages? has anyone been there and could share some successful stories?

Thanks! and greetings!

Andcake Tue 26-Mar-13 09:57:26

So sorry for your losses. I had 2 mc and was successful on my third pregnancy. I had investigations and although conventional medicine was unable to help investigations gave me enough info to look at alternatives might help. My only advice would be to embrace the investigations (it sounds like progesterone issues can be ruled out). It's only through going through the tests and reading around the subject that you learn. It sounds like you get pregnant ok? Are they natural? The 8/9 April may seem along way away now but please take time to look after yourself morn this loss - I do have a lot of research stuff that helped me once I knew what the problem was so post back and ill see if I've got anything useful. I really don't want to bamboozle you now when you probably just need a long bath, a glass of wine and to cry a lot through a soppy film. But their are so many causes get it properly investigated sounds v sensible. Also the miscarriage association are helpful give them a call. Hugs.

Hoophopes Tue 26-Mar-13 18:47:22

Hi - miscarriage tests, for common reasons for miscarriage is what the NHS should do now. I had private Level 1 and Level 2 immune testing, which goes a bit further or a different route even to NHS testing, which showed not only blood clotting issues but other reasons why implantation wasn't happening. Hope you get some tests and answers.

Pollaidh Tue 26-Mar-13 19:39:20

Hello and I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriages, that is really tough. I've had 2 mc but am now in my second trimester, with progesterone 400 mg a day in first trimester, right from the start. I also have 1 child already, absolutely no problems conceiving that one thankfully.

I know someone who had at least 3 mc, probably more as also suspected very early mcs, and she now has 2 healthy children.

Firstly although someone above said that you have 'ruled out progesterone issues', that is not necessarily the case: There are many reasons for miscarriages, and when you've had a few they could be for different reasons. Progesterone cannot save a destined mc (i.e. if there is a genetic fault), and it would be quite possible to have 1 mc from genetic fault, another due to illness, another due to progesterone deficiency.etc... So progesterone could still help you in a future pregnancy. This time it might have helped but there's a high chance you were unlucky enough that the embryo has a genetic problem and couldn't survive. IYSWIM.

Quite a common cause of frequent mc is also blood clotting disorders. This would be one of the things a fertility clinic investigates. If you have a clotting disorder then the outlook is very good - this is what my friend had and she'd probably never have been able to have a successful pregnancy without treatment. With treatment you've a high chance of success. It's rather unpleasant, involving daily anti-clotting injections and tablets too, whilst ttc, throughout pregnancy and for a while after, to protect you and your baby.

There are other causes too, some can be easily fixed.

So yes, you still have a very good chance of success.
Take care of yourself, it's very tough emotionally and physically. The recurrent miscarriage charity is very good for info and advice on coping with mc and for ttc after recurrent mc. You should also be able to get 'reassurance scans' from the fertility centre, from 6-12 weeks pregnancy.
I really hope everything works out for you.

Mon26 Fri 26-Jul-13 16:42:25

Dear PollaIdh, hoophopes, andcake,

Thank you for the replies provided in March 26. I remember readingthem, and feeling cheer up and better, but my mind was confused and stressed. I have focused in relaxing, and following a couple of appaointments in the nhs that take for ages. First test came up well, so the month of June we decided to try again. And here we are, freaking out to see if this will be a sticky one.

We are determined t have kids, so if this one goes on, great, if not we will seek private advise to go faster.

I want to thank you the three of you for these beautiful replies and I will take note now of all you said.

Many hugs,

Andcake Fri 26-Jul-13 20:42:30

Good luck - fingers crossed you get your take home baby

sugarandspite Fri 26-Jul-13 20:55:46

Hi Mon,

I think if I were in your position (am current on 2mcs) I would push for a referral to St Mary's. From reading online and in particular the miscarriage board here with the recurrent mc threads, St Mary's and Prof Reagen are reported as being the best place for recurrent mc treatment.

I'm so sorry for your losses and wish you the best of luck

Mon26 Wed 31-Jul-13 15:50:13

Dear andcake and sugarandspite thank you for your replies.

This 5th one has not been a sticky one, and I started a miscarriage this weekend, passingtissue today and a fetal sac (sorry if TMI).

i will follow the advise on trying to reach out to Prof. Reagan at ST. Mary's Hospital.

it has been quite emotional these past days, and today I feel slightly better, seeing kids and moms and moms to be in the street is just a bit painful, but I try to smile because they look lovely, and because one day I will experience what it means smile

Anyways, thank you so much and lots of baby dust and good luck! smile hopefully will achieve our dreams!


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