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8% mobility, consultant unconcerned?!

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quickdowntonson Sat 30-Mar-13 00:40:41

I know that sounds low, but millions of swimmers are ejaculated each time (sorry!). My DH motility was 6% and we have 2 children, and a 3rd pregnancy (miscarriage). So should be ok. X

Dancingthroughthefire Thu 21-Mar-13 20:21:25

Sorry, this is my second thread on this.

I have to get the full report on the sa tomorrow.
However initially speaking with the consultant this afternoon he said that the count and morphology were normal but motility was 8%.

He said that this was not the reason we are struggling to conceive and that current thinking now states that as long as some sperm are mobile then there isn't a problem.

However all my research from dr google suggests otherwise. And some people are actually told they need Ivf to conceive with a motility not as low as my dh's!

The lab have asked for the test to be repeated. I will say that it took me an hour and a quarter to deliver the test which may not have helped. Leaflet stated within an hour but I got stuck in traffic and then couldn't park so was delayed.

Surely with a result that low the consultant should have been a bit more concerned though?!

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