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gibsone34 Sat 16-Mar-13 14:05:27

hiya girls im new to this just signed up been reading ur messages bout clomid.well my story is this,im 36 my partner 39, wen t ds as wasnt getting pregnant he did blood tests which came bk that iwasnt producing enough was refered to gyne outpatients.well when had appt i had had scan whic looked fine she asked me questions i answered them and she told me i need partner got tested he came bk fine so im the one with problem which is heart wrenching nowing i have prob.well i have my tablets so cant wait to start my period tis month and start taking them.ive got to take them on day 2 to day 6.then blood test on day 21 for 1st cycle then 3rd cycle nother blood test.but u girls all been takng 50mg once day i got take 2 tablets a day so that 100mg a day.i just hope it works not fair seeing everybody round pregnant.ant tips ladies i need to be aware off.xx

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